Exercising daily is one of the most flattering activities for the human being, since carrying a active life it is a guarantee of a healthier body. When exercising, some use certain elements or tools that help them improve the results of each routine. The girdles or belts with sauna effect They are ideal to use while training, as they help burn calories faster, and also eliminate toxins from the body. That is why here we share some options that you can use in your next training.

1. Sleeveless vest for reduce measures

A garment made with high quality neoprene It helps increase body temperature, stimulates sweating and improves blood flow. Features a zipper in the middle for an easy fit and sturdy, non-tear seams.

It’s a girdle easy to carry and super comfortable to exercise. Its design allows you to stimulate sweating and speeds up calorie burning no matter what type of exercise routine you do.

2. Push up effect t-shirt made of neoprene

This vest made with neoprene material allows you to burn much more calories no matter how demanding exercise is. It is a sleeveless piece that automatically adjusts to the shape of your body.

An adjustable sportswear that is available in sizes big extras. The synthetic vest uses the sauna effect principle to give you the results you expect in less time.

3. Thermal belt of whole body

A garment with adjustable straps that is designed to work areas such as the abdomen, back and waist to give you a more defined figure. It has a long closure which improves the fit and resistance of the garment while making it easier to put on and take off.

With this belt you can do all your exercises with total comfort and having the assurance that you will work all the areas of your body where you are looking to reduce measures. Its breathable mesh allows a constant air flow to prevent sweat from producing a bad smell.

4. Sauna type girdle with double adjustment

A type design full bodysuit with a front closure that allows a firmer fit and a shaping effect that focuses on the most problematic areas of your body. Its fit in the abdomen provides additional support to the back and stomach.

With this girdle you can relieve pain back and fatigue. It is a lightweight calorie burning tool that is effective even when doing low impact exercises like yoga or walking. Its cotton and spandex composition make it comfortable and soft to the touch.

5. Full-length bodysuit sleeved

A piece made of neoprene, polyester and nylon which together make it a light, comfortable, elastic and soft-touch garment. It is a girdle that is designed to fit your body and give you all the benefits of the sauna effect.

This unisex girdle is available in presentations of black with blue or black with pink so you can choose the one that best suits your style. Its frequent use stimulates the Loss of fat to help you reduce measurements faster.