She has toned and sexy arms.

When small rolls begin to form on the arms or the muscle is very flabby, many women refrain from wearing sleeveless tops. However, there are girdles that mold that part of the body to give it a more defined shape. These garments are designed to be worn under clothing without being noticed. Take a look at the following list of girdles so you can find the one that best suits you.

1. Girdle 3 in 1 with compression sleeves


This is a girdle that has been created with nylon and spandex, very soft and skin-friendly fabrics that adapt comfortably and do not irritate. Its design conforms to the spine and helps alleviate back pain.

This is a girdle that you can use daily, since it is made without seams and will not be noticed under your clothes. It will hide excess skin under your arms and will also correct your posture to make you look more elegant.

2. Compression piece with effect push up

This girdle has been made with a thin and soft fabric that provides understanding for your arms and back. It has a U-shaped design with three adjustable hooks that help lift the breasts and keep them in place.

It is perfect for you to wear under tight blouses. It is designed to hide the rolls They form on your ribs and collect excess skin under your arms.

3. Cover shirt complete

A girdle that provides optimal compression to the entire upper body. It is an elastic, light garment, strong and breathable, perfect for you to use it daily under your clothes.

It will help to collect the flaccid fat that is located under the arms, lift the breasts and modify the posture to avoid the uncomfortable ones pains backwards.

4. Long sleeves design with brassiere

It has been made with a combination of nylon and lycra that make it a flexible and breathable garment. It has a 3/4 sleeves design, super smooth and free of seams that shape the arms. Its design also provides additional support to your breasts.

If you are a plump woman, this is a girdle that will gently adjust to your body without irritating your skin. Too tones and shapes your arms so you look fantastic on any item of clothing.

5. Belt with hooks adjustable

Its U-shaped neck design makes it invisible under clothing. It has been made with flexible and breathable materials that allow you total freedom of movement. It has a hook closure on the back that you can adjust depending on the size of your back and breasts.

If you sometimes feel insecure when you leave your home because of the excess skin that hangs from your arms, this girdle will be able to definitively solve that problem. It can also be a great support for patients recovering from surgeries.