The hair in women it represents the perfect complement to consecrate your personal image and natural beauty. It is common that sometimes this does not have the desired length, but this can be solved with a hair extensions that allow you to lengthen the mane to where you want. Here we present 5 excellent options for hair extensions that are very easy to put on and that you can wear yourself at home.

1. Material hair wavy synthetic

These curly style extensions come with 5 clicks in each piece. It has been created with heat resistant kanekalon fiber that you can style with the straightener or curling iron. It can be washed with shampoo and conditioner.

These accessories can be used for a special occasion where you need to wear loose, long hair with good waves pronounced that make you look and feel more beautiful than you already are.

2. Headband blonde hair

Ideal for girls who want to show off their hair in blonde tones. These extensions have an approximate length of 20 centimeters and they are made with high hair fibers imported from Japan.

A detail of these extensions is that they can be washed with shampoo and conditioner that must be removed with warm water, without causing damage to its texture and appearance.

3. Set of 4 pieces of hair in Various colors

This set of extensions have been designed with natural hair in very good condition and have clips that install easily on your hair. Each extension comes ready to be installed in just 5 minutes without using adhesives or tapes.

Extensions will definitely make your days easier since they offer you different options so you can combine your styles with hair light or dark which you can mold according to your tastes.

4. Human hair with invisible crown

Made with very soft natural hair, these extensions are easy to adjust and do not entangle or detach. If you are a girl who loves to change her look, these pieces are ideal because they can be dyed, bleached and washed as many times as you want.

You can easily adjust it and it can be disguised as it mixes with your own hair. If you need more volume or impact with a new hairstyle, these extensions are ideal for you.

5. Hair fibers brazilian virgin

Made with virgin hair from Brazil donated by young people with black hair. Has a durability over a year old to be used if given proper care.

Extensions are available as kinky They can be molded through the curling iron or the planer so that you can show off your hair as you like best.