Sometimes it happens that even though we strive to have the best outfit, the best shoes, the best accessories and even the best makeupif you have a hair messed up, your whole look looks bad. A beautiful hair can make a big difference in our appearance because in addition to improving the features of our face it can even make us look much younger; for that reason it is worth taking pains in your watch out.

Few women have hair healthy and beautiful, Since factors such as age, stress, hormonal changes, irons, dryers, dyes and straightening treatments weaken our hair, leaving it brittle, dull, dry and frizzy. The pressure by look good From head to toe it makes us tend to abuse beauty products such as irons and dyes that leave very serious consequences on the scalp in the long term.

Hair like skin needs to be fine hydrated and nourished to look good, but how can we do it? Having a good diet, with specialized products and with a very careful treatment with it when it comes to brushing, ironing and washing it. Sadly, most women often fail by doing any of the practices mentioned.

Wash properly The hair helps to improve its appearance as hair products can better penetrate the fibers of the scalp to achieve the desired effect. For this, we have to identify if our hair is dry, greasy or mixed, so we can choose the shampoo and the most suitable conditioner, becoming the first step to achieve the desired hair.

The process We must follow to properly wash our hair is to apply water at a natural temperature, since warm water is best used when our hair takes a long time to dry because closed pores absorb water very slowly and heat helps to open them. Once the hair is treated, we must wet it a little with cold water since with this we not only close the pores, but we also provide brightness.

Once we have the appropriate shampoo and conditioner for our hair type, it is time to use a specialized hair treatment such as face masks. These act more deeply than the rest of the hair treatments such as ampoules and styling creams. It is important not to use them as if it were a conditioner since their effects are much more powerful.

There are many types of masks and we can classify them into two comfortable categories that would be homemade and industrial, and on the other hand they can be divided taking into account the type of problem they solve. Depending on whether ours is hair dry, greasy or mixed, we will proceed to decide when, how and how often to use them. On the other hand, the benefits that they offer us basically are three and involve the repair, hydration and nutrition of the hair.

If we have very dry or damaged hair, it is recommended to apply the mask 2 or 3 times a week to achieve the desired effects and once we notice that our mane begins to recuperate, we lower the frequency and we will apply it once a week. The rest of the days we will use the conditioner to smooth hair and prepare it for brushing.

Following each and every one of these tips We can get the most out of the mask that is most suitable for our hair type. Now, if you have doubts to choose between a homemade or an industrial mask, you should know that most of the masks that the cosmetic industry offers us are made from natural ingredients, so with this we save the preparation time that a homemade mask requires.

1. Moisturizing mask with 3 natural extracts

The hair mask contains 3 natural extracts to repair our hair from the inside out. The olive extract acts on the deepest layer, the foam works on the middle layer and the sweet almond extract on the outer layer. After application, your hair will feel soft and will look bright.

Deeply hydrates hair dry and damaged by the iron, the dye and the chemicals. One application a week will be enough to restore and rehabilitate your hair.

2. Formula based on Argan oil

A product made from argan oil that leaves hair soft, silky, and easier to manage thanks to its vitamins and nutrients they act on the hair strand, repairing the damages caused by treatments with heat or dyes.

Restores and strengthens your mane giving you back your health and natural beauty. Each time you apply it you will notice that your hair will be easier to detangle before, during and after washing.

3. Nutritious mix with silk proteins

A formula that contains a nutritious mix of Moroccan argan oil and silk proteins. Argan oil is a nutrient rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids; while silk proteins contain keratin and collagen, components present in the hair that are lost when it is damaged.

Moisturizes and strengthens the strands of the hair to prevent further damage as a result of abuse of the dryer, the iron, the dyes and any treatment with strong chemicals to straighten or curl the hair.

4. Restorative solution with macadamia oil

Made from natural components such as macadamia oil, argan oil, tea tree oil, chamomile oil, aloe vera, and algae extract that restore hair damaged by heat or chemical treatments.

Its application gives your hair a deep nutrition and long-lasting conditioning. This product allows your hair to remain beautiful even after using flat irons, blow dryers and dyes.

5. Excerpt from keratin protein and other nutrients

This mask with keratin protein, Moroccan argan oil, vitamin E and herbal complex provides a deep conditioning to dry and damaged hair. It can be used on fine strand hair, regardless of whether it is curly or straight.

The mask not only softens, repairs and strengthens the cuticles of the hair and scalp; too thickens fine hair adding volume and reducing split ends. It is a treatment that will leave your hair manageable, flexible and silky.