A garment specially designed to shape and support your body.

After having a surgery It is not enough to keep due rest for an optimal recovery; many times it is necessary massage sessions, physiotherapy and of course the use of girdles post operative. These garments help support the intervened area for your protection and quick recovery. So here we recommend the best options for girdles full body and high understanding so you can choose the one that best suits your condition.

1. Fajitex: post operative girdle with front closure

The girdle has been made in high compression powernet and it has adjustable double line hooks in the perineal area, which generates an opening that will make it easier for you to go to the bathroom.

Soften your figure, slim your torso, reduce your abdomen, lift your buttocks and hold your breasts. In addition to these benefits, the girdle provides support to your back, which improves your posture.

2. Mary and: Double-fit post-operative girdle

Made on powernet and hypoallergenic nylon liningSoft materials that make its use a comfortable experience. It has 4 levels of front hook and eye closure to level the compression. Is it hand washable.

It offers you a average understanding which reduces the volume of your body, protection to your skin to avoid irritations, high back support and open crotch that gives you comfort when going to the bathroom.

3. D’Prada: post operative girdle with abdomen control

The girdle made in powernet and lycra lining inside. It is available in two colors and in a wide variety of sizes.

The girdle will control and smooth your abdomen, belly and waist. In addition, its lycra lining will lift your buttocks. It has an opening in the crotch to make it easier for you to go to the bathroom.

4. M&D: breathable post-operative girdle

Made in 88% Nylon and 12% ElastaneThis post operative girdle features two levels of compression, knee length and a zipper at the crotch.

The girdle not only will shape your curves and it will compress your skin, it will also support your back, which will improve your posture. In addition, its breathability will allow you to use it without discomfort.

5. Ann Chery: post operative girdle with side closure

This post operative belt has been prepared in Powernet and inner lining cotton, allowing a very soft and comfortable wearing experience on the skin.

Gives you high understanding, support your posture and ease of putting on and taking off. It has a side closure for the abdomen and a front one for the bust, which gives you a better fit and greater comfort.