Technological advances are an essential part of our home; For this reason, many companies home appliances They have focused on launching increasingly innovative products. A good example of this is blenders, which have been reinvented to meet the high standards of quality and efficiency of the modern consumer. That is why we prepare a top with the best 5 high speed blenders They should not be missing in your kitchen.

1. Ninja Professional– Professional-grade watts

It is designed with a power of 1000 watts that always gives you professional results. It has stainless steel blades that blend all kinds of ingredients in a simple way.

Ideal for preparing smoothies, soups, milkshakes and processing almost any type of food. Includes various working modalities for adapt to your needs.

2. Hamilton Beach: Multifunctional mixer

Hamilton Beach 58149 Power Elite It is one of the blenders of the moment. Your multifunction mixer includes the food processor accessory. It features stainless steel blades and its 5-cup glass jar is equipped with the Wave-Action system.

If you love smoothies or frozen drinks, the Hamilton Beach Blender is the tool you’re looking for in your kitchen. The device has a maximum power of 700 watts.

3. Oster 6812-001: blender with 16 speeds

The new one Oster 6812-001 With glass jug, it has 16 speeds to give you a wide variety of results. Its motor is 700 watts and offers a blade movement that grinds each ingredient efficiently.

Your blades Crush Pro 4 Blade They are stainless steel and have a 4-point design that sprays and cuts precisely. The Boroclass 5-cup glass jar can be easily washed in the dishwasher.

4. Oster Reverse Crush: double direction blades

This powerful blender is equipped with double blades and a 6-cup glass container. The model includes a 7-speed system and a stainless steel finish. Available only in black color.

It has a 1000 watts which makes it quite efficient. Plus, its dual blades automatically move the main 6-point blade back; This secures the container well and provides better grinding.

5. Hamilton Beach 54221: Multifunction

The new one Hamilton Beach 54221 Wave Crusher is the ideal tool for making ice creams, smoothies, frappes and many other preparations. Its patented design makes it extremely simple and safe to use.

Has 14 functions mixing, offering a wide variety of consistencies and textures to meet your standards. In addition, it features a spill cover with anti-overflow design and a 700-watt motor.