Including natural juices in your diet it contributes to improving your health, because it increases blood circulation and provides the vitamin C that the body needs. If you want to consume juices made at home and you do not have enough time to prepare them, you can choose to purchase a juice squeezers like the ones we show you below:

1. Juice extractor with spin

This is a modern and elegant juice extractor that is made with stainless steel. It has 3 power settings, a universal juicer cone and a Spap-Up nozzle with anti-drip system to prevent spills.

Its spin function will extract all the pulp from the fruit, to enjoy a delicious juice. You can squeeze from the smallest lemons to the largest grapefruits. It is a very easy to use device and clean.

2. Juice squeezer 34 ounces

This is an extractor fan with a white color design. Count with one silent 30W motor power, adjustable pulp control, strainer and agitator.

Making a juice or juice of your favorite fruit has never been so easy. This juicer will allow you to extract every last drop of juice and its Deposit 34 oz. can even be used as a pitcher to serve directly.

3. Classic design Easy to use

This is a juicer that has a quiet 160 W motor and a rubber handle, to get much more juice through manual pressure and get faster results.

This juicer is safe, efficient and high quality. It has a universal rotating cone so you can extract the juice from any fruit. Thanks to its SmartFlot filter system, it facilitates cleaning and helps prevent splashing.

Extractor BPA free juice

This is a juicer with a practical and compact stainless steel design very easy to clean. It has a more powerful motor than conventional juicers, 2 different cones sizes and a 34 oz. container

This juicer allows you to control the pulp quantity you want to mix so you can quickly enjoy a natural juice.

5. Electric juicer with control of pulp

This is a juicer that has a pulp control to prevent any seed or solid leftover that is inside the juice falls into your glass, and its flower-shaped design prevents splashing.

Its silent motor gives you the possibility of using it in different hours of the day, without disturbing the rest of the others. It also offers a one-year warranty for its excellent quality.