Get the most out of your tablet with these cases.

The tablets They are a compact and practical device that allows you to use it wirelessly and functionally, however; sometimes, for work reasons, we need to have more precision when writing in them, so having a keyboard it would be the best tool. So if you want to turn your tablet into a functional mini laptop, take a look at these protective covers with keyboard included that allow you to work with your tablet much more easy and efficient.

1. Keyboard case with pencil holder

This case provides complete protection for your iPad device, and protects it from scratches, drops, shocks and bumps. The iPad 9.7 case has a sliding system, the front cover is detachable from the back cover.

The real portable style keyboard, comes with built-in Bluetooth with full-size keys and gives you a better typing experience when typing accurately, quickly and comfortably.

2. Strong case with backlit Bluetooth keyboard

This built-in keyboard case has been designed to iPad Pro 9.7 fifth generation. It has a removable multi-layer sleeve and 4 multifunction modes that protect your iPad and allow it to be quickly detached from the keyboard for maximum utility.

With a battery that lasts for many years and designed with lithium polymer that powers the case for up to two years between charges.

3. Foldable keyboard case ProCase Galaxy

The Wireless Keyboard Case ultra slim for tablet Samsung galaxy Tab comes with a convenient and stylish carry case and stand, perfect for everyday use and travel. The keyboard has three folds in the case to prop up the tablet at three different viewing angles in landscape mode.

Premium Composition Leather Exterior protect your tablet from accidental drops and blows; The interior is non-slip, soft protects it from scratches.

4. Hard keyboard case gold rose

This keyboard comes with lightweight Bluetooth and easy access case to all USB ports on the tablet. This keyboard is quiet touch with its ABS system.

The high-quality hard case provides full body protection to keep your iPad scratch-free, while providing full access to all ports.

5. Case with color backlit keyboard

This special case for iPad 9.7 2018 and 2017 can easily turn your iPad into a laptop with the wireless keyboard. Supports auto power on and screen lock.

With a light of seven color background and a three degree adjustable brightness. Not only is it stylish, but it can also help you write in low-light environments and do it for more than 10 consecutive hours and for more than 267 consecutive hours without backlight.