Learn the best recipes to brighten your palate.

Every day the Latin American food It is increasing its popularity in the face of traditional gastronomic offerings such as the French, the Mediterranean and the Asian. One of the reasons lies in how healthy and delicious they are. That is why, we want to recommend the following five books of Latin recipes by chefs of Latin origin, with whom you can delight your diners and thus become a great chef.

Cassy Joy Garcia: Cook Once Eat All Week


The chef Cassy Joy García of Latin origin offers us a book with affordable recipes for the speed and ease of preparation that cover a total of 26 weeks.

The best thing about this paperback is that your recipes are gluten free, and explains how to transform a protein and a couple of vegetables prepared in bulk each week into fresh, delicious and diverse meals. You will quickly cook healthy, nutritious and delicious dishes.

2. Patricia Cartin: A Taste of Latin America

The recipe book of the Costa Rican chef Patricia Cartin brings us easy recipes and of intermediate difficulty of the Latin American cuisine of countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

With this book you can prepare from dishes to desserts traditional; But without a doubt, the best thing of all is that it has an additional vision of the background and customs of each country, so in addition to cooking you will learn a little more about the history and culture around each recipe.

3. Ana Sofía Peláez: The Cuban Table

Cuban chef Ana Sofía Peláez presents a book with documented recipes which reveal the secrets of Cuban cuisine and its most characteristic flavors.

This cookbook will give you 110 authentic recipes with impressive photographs along with the historical context that surrounds them, as well as an understanding of cultural nuances.

4. Terry Hope RomeroLong live Vegan!

Chef Terry Hope Romero’s book of Venezuelan roots brings us vegan recipes of Latin origin with color photos of each of the recipes.

With this book you can prepare 200 recipes Vegans that include refreshing drinks, vibrant salads, hearty empanadas, nutritious casseroles, and wonders on a plate. The best thing is that with it you will learn the basics of Latin foods.

5. Sandra A. Gutiérrez: Latin American Street Food

The chef Sandra A. Gutiérrez of Latin origin offers us a book with street food; that is to say, the one that is tasted in markets, beaches and roadside stops. The recipes range from Mexican food to Argentine food.

In this cookbook you will find 150 easy recipes to prepare in the comfort of your home. Their recipes start with exciting, delicious and affordable foods that all your diners will surely love, as well as fun personal stories and practical advice.