Having LED bulbs in the headlights of your car, is a matter of security that saves you from unpleasant situations and guarantees better driving in conditions with little natural light. The lights of your headlights They are tools that allow you to see obstacles, be aware of the road and inform other drivers of your presence on the road. Next, we present you the best 5 LED bulb kits for your car.

1. Cougar Motor: Waterproof LED Bulb Kit

The Cougar Motor LED light kit has a 60W power, a 7200LM high luminous efficacy flux and an aluminum housing. Available in different sizes.

These Cougar Motor LED bulbs are 200% brighter than the standard halogen headlights; Furthermore, they are really very easy to install. The best thing is that they are resistant to rain and last more than 50,000 hours.

2. CAR ROVER: LED bulb kit

The CAR ROVER LED light kit has a power of 50WThey have built-in cooling fans and are made with a body that better maintains light. Their useful life is around 30,000 hours and they have various sizes.

CAR ROVER presents some LED lights 200% brighter than standard halogen bulbs. You can adjust them up to 360 degrees thanks to its removable adapter; This allows them to fit both the headlights and reflectors of your car.

3. NINEO: LED bulb kit

The NINEO LED Light Bulb Kit features 5090 lux and 6000 lumens 6500 k. Its fan rotates up to 12,000 times per minute and the thermal heat sink has a double copper core that ensures maximum heat dissipation.

The NINEO lights are 5 times brighter than conventional halogen bulbs. The kit exceeds 95% lower intensity and includes a mounting collar that allows you to adjust them up to 360 °.

4. Aukee: Waterproof LED Bulb Kit

The Aukee LED Bulb Kit have a 50W power and 6000K of xenon white light. The super powerful cooling fan provides a strong wind that helps dissipate the heat produced and also have a life of more than 30,000 hours.

Aukee’s kit is a water proof and the lights are almost the same size as the halogen bulbs. The best thing about this kit is that you can easily install it either on the reflector or projector.

5. BEAMTECH: Fanless LED Bulb Kit

The BEAMTECH LED light kit has 8000 lumens output. They have 6500K white xenon; In addition, its advanced cooling system provides more stable heat dissipation. Its useful life is more than 30,000 hours.

BEAMTECH LED bulbs are not make noise since its cooling system does not have a fan. It is easy to install, since you do not need to modify the circuit.