A garment that will shape your figure without compromising your comfort

Sometimes when we undergo cosmetic surgery or to get out of a pregnancy stage, women look for an ally who will help maintain firmness of the stomach, back and belly area so that the body shape is not lost. The girdles Of compression They are an excellent option to achieve this, and so that you get only the best, we share these five types of girdles of the brand Leonisa what can you get in Amazon and that will shape your figure in total comfort.

1. Shaping suit high waist seamless


With this girdle you will have full control of your body and of each area where the rolls make their own, since covers the entire upper part of your body taking into account the entire torso and thighs. It has no seams so it is very comfortable, and due to its light material it will give you an invisible effect under your clothes.

This girdle is wide band under bust with non-slip elastic for strapless wearing and comes with removable and adjustable straps, for when you use a dress and need your cleavage, also leave the bust free, so you can wear your favorite bra.

2. Shaping panties super comfortable

These panties are super elegant and comfortable for you to wear in your most special moments. They have a compression system It acts as a girdle on areas such as the belly and lower bust as well as the back. They have been made with polyamide and elastane material.

By using them you will feel their softness and the control that you will have over those parts of the body, so that keep your figure beautiful. Its fabric is transparent so it gives it a very sexy touch. It comes in black, gray, beige and white colors so you can choose the one you like best, or wear them all.

3. Mid-leg bodysuit undetectable

So that you have everything in control and without textures that show over the clothes, this girdle is ideal to use with any type of clothing, even the one that is stuck to the body. It has a natural look because it is made with a moderate compression fabric, which feels soft and light.

The design of this girdle does not contemplate seams, hooks or zippers to make it as smooth and undetectable on the outside. It has attached straps that you can also remove in case you want to use a neckline. Also, you lets you wear your favorite bra. It is high cut that covers even part of your legs, giving you a slim figure.

4. Girdle style medium pants

This girdle is medium cut that serves to control the part of the waist, belly and thighs of the legs. It is made of polyamide fabric and elastane that make it ultra resistant. It is a moderate control molding belt.

A piece that you can get it at two kinds colors like beige and black, so that it combines with you and your outfits without being noticed, since it does not have seams that are marked and when using it you will feel its softness and you will see how your figure remains stylized.

5. Shorts with invisible padding

If you are looking for a girdle that covers only a small area of ​​your body such as the belly, waist and buttocks, then this girdle is the ideal, because it is designed as a padded shorts, with ultra-flat seams that are not noticeable under clothing.

With this girdle you will have all that area that both monopolizes the eyes in total control, because it molds the contour of the buttocks improving its shape, and its padding that can be removed add a little volume, to show off those jeans that you like so much.