Creams or products lightening of the skin are specially designed to reduce discoloration caused by factors such as sun exposure, age, disease or acne scarring. To better understand this, you must be very aware that the color of the skin it is the result and is determined by the distribution of melanin, which is produced by specific cells in the skin called melanocytes.

In this sense, while the melanocytes The more melanin they produce, the darker the skin tone may become. According to this, the creams Lighteners are designed to reduce melanin production, correct skin tone, and treat the most visible blemishes on the dermis. Thus these products target the discolored areas where melanin is most prominent and prevents future stain formation.

Therefore the products for remove stains Skin can be worn by anyone experiencing hyperpigmentation or skin discoloration. The spots on the skin are a problem that can be suffered at any age, however this type of abnormalities is much more frequent as the years go by as the cells also age and this decreases the production of certain essential nutrients for skin maintenance, among them melalin stands out. Like a skin tone uniform associated with youth, these types of products coincide with the needs of those who use anti-aging products.

With lightening or spotting products the end result is similar since both products are responsible for lightening the skin. However the combination of active ingredients they are the factors that make the differences. In this way, the objective of clarifying or illuminating products is to create a uniform look through correction of the pigmentation of the skin, but respecting the natural balance of it.

Finally, when you select and use skin lightening products, it is recommended that you be very clear about what your specific needs. So whether it’s a case of hyperpigmentation and uneven tone, you should choose products that focus on these problems. If, on the contrary, you have other types of needs, you can combine them with other cosmetic products to achieve the results you want.

However the method The most effective way to protect the skin of your face from any blemish or blemish is to avoid direct sun exposure, as well as the constant use of sunscreen. In any case, if it is inevitable that you expose yourself to the sun or on the contrary you already have some spots on your skin, do not worry because below we show you the top options available for you to say goodbye to the spots on your skin.

1. Solution lightening for the skin


It is a cream specially formulated to say goodbye to dark spots, age marks, freckles, hyperpigmentation and melasma while refining and hydrating the skin’s surface. Not only does it lighten the dark color of the skin and smooth uneven tone, it also reduces the signs of aging and creates younger, more radiant skin.

It has been specially designed to be applied on all skin types, it works perfectly for both women and men. Regardless of the color of your skin, this advanced formula Lighten discoloration and dark skin on both face and body. You must apply it every night on your clean skin, and in the day it is recommended to apply sunscreen and moisturizer.

2. Clarifying treatment for armpits


It is a cream formulated with ingredients specially designed to lighten delicate areas of the skin such as armpits, knees, elbows, sensitive areas and intimate parts. It is responsible for whitening, while nourishing, repairing and restoring the skin. It is safe to be used on all skin types since its formula is soft and totally safe, not very aggressive with the skin and rich in antioxidants.

It is a soft, fragrance-free and very light cream. You should only apply it on the clean skin of the zone of your body that you want to clarify so that its results are more immediate and effective. It does not cause any type of irritation, therefore it is safe to be used on all skin types, even the most sensitive ones.

3. Bleaching mixture for sensitive areas


It is a cream that rejuvenates and brightens the appearance of the skin effectively. Its formula rich in proteins and antioxidants Effectively removes blemishes while nourishing the skin with each application. Contains protein infusion with added antioxidants and fine pearl powder to energize, restore and repair skin, especially in the most sensitive areas of the body.

Use it to lighten the uneven skin tone on your face, on your neckline, on your elbows, on your knees and your armpits. This cream is gentle enough to apply to sensitive skin and the private areas of your body. You will notice the change with each application, not only will your skin tone be lighter and more uniform, but your skin will also appear more hydrated, fresh and healthy.

4. Cream for the skin of the face and body


It has an advanced formulation made with clinically researched ingredients which have been shown to stimulate skin lightening effect naturally. It is used for treatments against melasma, hyperpigmentation, sun spots, liver spots or simply as a complexion brightening cream. It is highly powerful and effective to improve the appearance of your skin.

This cream is also what soft enough to be applied on all skin types including those that are very sensitive, with excess oil and those that are extremely dry. It has been designed to be used by both women and men, as it provides uniform skin whitening. It is full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids that improve and nourish your complexion.

5. Whitening cream anti-aging


It is a luxurious and powerful skin whitening cream with anti-aging properties specially formulated to give a radiant and youthful appearance. This cream is also an efficient moisturizer that contains natural ingredients and safe that can be applied to all types of skin and which have been formulated to nourish and renew the complexion.

You can use it as a dark spot corrector, to visibly improve the appearance of your face and give it a radiant appearance, lush and healthy. It contains no harsh chemicals or preservatives which means it is safe for you to use all over your body including face, hands, neck, armpits, knees, legs and more.