An additional support for your belly and back.

The pregnancy It is one of the most anticipated moments for many women; but it also requires a lot of special care and attention. The comfort It is essential so that problems or pain are always kept to a minimum, and one of the most vulnerable areas is lumbar area. That is why this time we show you some options of girdles lumbar support special for pregnant with which you can be much more comfortable and active.

1. Maternity belt adjustable

Practical and comfortable adjustable girdle shaped maternity belt for the lower back. Helps ease the discomfort of pregnancy by supporting your baby’s bump and providing gentle compression in the abdominal area.

This maternity belt elastic provides support to pregnant women seeking relief from hip and pelvic pain. Ideal for correcting posture. Made of soft and breathable fabric.

2. Compressor girdle for pregnancy

Made with fabric of mesh Elastic, breathable and seamless, with a blend of nylon and elastane. Provides soft support as well as a comfortable, relaxing fit.

This mesh girdle soft It is ideal to wear under dresses and avoid possible chafing on the thighs. It will facilitate the movement and stretching of the woman’s limbs, alleviating physical discomfort in the lower back.

3. NeoTech Care: lumbar support for pregnancy

Belt elastic It works as a lumbar support for women during pregnancy. Fully adjustable to accommodate measurements during abdominal growth at different stages of pregnancy.

It is in charge of alleviating the physical discomfort that can arise from muscular contractions in the lumbar and abdominal area. Made of laminated layers breathable and reinforced.

4. Belt with double support band

Girdle or band for a woman’s belly during pregnancy. Made with a breathable fabric, soft and constructed from several laminated layers with elastic lining.

This stand has four side panels elastic, which add compression and breathability. Relieve the physical discomforts you may have throughout your pregnancy.

5. Maternity belt elastic and breathable

Practical Belt design to facilitate and improve women’s pregnancy. Provides support, while improving women’s posture and relieving physical discomfort in the lower back.

The fabric is made of high quality fabric, soft, elastic and resistant. Made of polyamide and elastane. The girdle stands out for being breathable and comfortable at all times.