Level up in the kitchen and make your own homemade pasta.

There is nothing like homemade food, especially if it is pasta, because there is no one who refuses to eat it. Whether long, short, layered, with red, white or green sauce, there is something for every However, the taste of the freshly made pasta compared to the one that comes in a package it is not exactly the same, and if what you want is to taste the authentic, we recommend the following five machines to prepare an authentic pasta in the best Italian style.

1. Marcato: pasta machine with preparation kit

Roll up and cut the dough pasta up to 150 millimeters wide with 10 thicknesses (0.6 to 4.8 millimeters). Package includes a pasta cutter, crank, caliper, full instructions, and the manufacturer’s 10-year warranty.

It allows you to do three types of pasta: traditional lasagna, fettuccine and tagliolini at home. Its use guarantees you a more consistent texture and a better flavor.

2. OxGord: pasta machine with 9 thickness settings

This pasta machine made in stainless steelIt has the ability to be washed in the dishwasher. Its blade and handle are removable.

With it, you can do many types of pasta, such as fresh spaghetti, Alfredo pasta or Linguine pasta, since you have the possibility to choose between 9 different thickness settings to obtain the perfect dough.

3. Philips Kitchen: pasta machine with interchangeable nozzles

The pasta maker comes with a storage drawer Smart at the bottom of the machine, containing all modeling discs and cleaning tools.

Elaborate with it four types of pasta: Spaghetti, Fettucini, Penne and Lasagne in just 15 minutes.

4. Chefly: homemade pasta machine

This pasta maker has durable utensils and removable for cleaning. It also has 9 types of dough thickness settings from 0-2.5mm, clearly marked on the button.

Prepare with it ravioli, fettuccine, lasagna, linguine, spaghetti, noodles, angel hair or noodles. All the variety of pasta in just one machine.

5. Imperia: pasta machine with complete kit

This stainless steel pasta maker machine comes with 11 pieces deluxe that includes a cookbook.

Gives you 6 thickness settings and a secure clamp. Prepare ravioli, lasagna, fettuccine, etc. Put the cookbook to good use and delight your family and friends with the most delicious Italian food.