A simple and effective solution for forgetful people.

Have a magnetic board at home is extremely practical, as it helps us remember those tasks and commitments that we always forget. It is an instrument that allows us to organize our chores, make the shopping list and even leave messages for other family members. It is a basic and simple accessory, without which you can no longer live.

1. Cinch!: Stain-resistant magnetic board

Cinch! it has a magnetic board available in two sizes. Kit includes 4 colored fine-tip dry erase markers and 1 separate large eraser. Everything is magnetic, so they will always be right next to the board when you want to use them.

The best thing about this board is that can keep its white color 100% original for up to 40 days after the first writing with only the included draft. In addition, you can place the table horizontally or flip it vertically to fit your refrigerator depending on the way its doors open.

2. Kedudes: magnetic board with markers included

The Kedudes Magnetic Whiteboard is easy to use and features dry erase, planning, preparation, writing and deletion table. Includes a set of 6 markers.

With her, you have a magnetic planner, to-do list, notes, shopping list or whatever you want to keep track of, right there on your fridge.

3. Yuc: wide surface magnetic board

Yuc has a magnetic whiteboard covered with a special coating which can be easily erased even after 30 days. Available in 4 sizes. Includes high-quality writing tools and a large magnetic eraser. All packed in a well designed and resistant tube to be protected on your trip.

Due to its thickness does not wrinkle when you handle it and it has a strong grip on steel surfaces, it can also contain magnetic elements when you put it in the refrigerator, freezer or other metal surface.

4. YES4QUALITY: magnetic board with large eraser

The YES4QUALITY whiteboard has a erase magnetic sheet Dry and your kit includes 3 colored fine tip dry erase markers, 1 large eraser, and 1 fridge magnet to store your photos or notes in your fridge.

The best thing about this magnetic board is that will stick to any surface flat or curved magnetic without slipping or falling like other boards. It has a 0.5mm thick magnet, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off or taking off. In addition, it can revert to its original white color after 40 days.

5. Refridge Reminder: magnetic board with magnetic accessories

Refridge Reminder offers a magnetic whiteboard with a tough protective layer to stains, in addition the use of the thick cloth eraser makes cleaning with a cloth easier. It can be used horizontally or vertically. Includes 4 different colored drypoint markers and erasers.

The best is that everything is magnetic, from the board, the markers to the eraser, which will save you space. It will be perfect for personal notes, reminders, to-do lists, shopping lists, and notes for anything you need to keep track of.