Keep all your makeup organized with these wallets …

To keep all the makeup organized and in good condition it is important that you have a good wallet or bag to store it. Because if you do not organize and store all your cosmetics well, they can accidentally open or be damaged.

In this article I present you the best wallets to save makeup what’s wrong with it Amazon, so that you can keep all your products organized and in good condition.

1. Relavel

With wallet Relavel You can organize all your makeup, since it has different compartments in which you can store your brushes, shades, powders and creams, individually. The wallet has three large compartments with many pockets to accommodate products well.

In addition, it has dividers that you can adjust according to the size of the makeup, so that the products are well protected. The wallet can be carried on the shoulder, since it has a strap to hold it. Wallet Relavel It costs $ 19.99.

2. Rownyeon

The cosmetic portfolio Rownyeon it is simpler and does not have as many compartments as other wallets. However, the pockets that this portfolio has are very comfortable because the spaces are wide and allows you to store several products in the same space. The portfolio has two compartments, one to store brushes and another to store shadows, powders, creams, etc. Wallet Rownyeon It is priced at $ 18.99.

3. High spot

If you are looking for a compact and divide-free cosmetic storage wallet, you might consider the wallet High Spot. This wallet has two compartments, one to store brushes and another to put all kinds of makeup. The wallet is medium in size making it ideal for traveling. The portfolio has a cost of $ 9.88.

4. Suggee

Wallet Suggee It is very convenient because it is compact and you can store makeup individually in the different compartments that this portfolio has. On the other hand, the Sugee wallet is made of nylon, making it easy to clean and waterproof. In this wallet you can easily store and transport all your makeup. The cost of the wallet is $ 8.99

5. Monstina

Wallet Monstina It is ideal to carry with you at all times, since being small you can carry it in your daily bag or backpack. Although the wallet is small in it, you can keep the makeup you wear every day very well organized and in good condition. The wallet is made of waterproof material and comes with a small mirror. The cost of the portfolio is $ 6.99.