Taking care of your hair It is essential for a healthy, silky and beautiful appearance from root to tip. It is recommended that you follow closely a treatment It adjusts to your hair type, so that in a short time you can see favorable results. That is why here we show you the best options for repair masks for your damaged hair:

1. Coco & Eve: Intensive hair care mask

Mask made from natural ingredients such as coconut extract, which offers safe hydration from the scalp to the tips. It seeks to improve the dry and damaged texture of your hair with a single wash.

Ideal option to recover the healthy state of your hair. The coconut extract It allows the strands to be fully hydrated, leaving it elegant, silky and shiny in a matter of minutes.

2. Moisturizing mask with Argan oil


Hair mask formula made with Argan oil, which acts as a deep conditioner. This mask is responsible for repairing, restoring and reinforcing the weak or damaged condition of the hair, leaving it looking healthier from root to tip.

If you are looking for a mask with ingredients naturalFree of harmful chemicals, this option is ideal for you. You will see how the health of your hair improves from the first application.

3. NatureLab: Repair treatment and color protection


Treatment deep repair for dry and damaged hair in a hydrating mask. This formula is inspired by bamboo forests, in addition to infusing Japanese green tea and cypress.

Mask moisturizing ideal for restoring damaged strands to the full extent of your hair. Free of gluten and chemicals that can further harm the condition of your scalp.

4. Shea Moisture: Shea butter mask


Intensive care deep treatment for damaged, dry and brittle hair. This mask is made with natural ingredients such as extract of shea butter, which offers complete hydration from root to tip.

The shea mask is not only looking to improve the current state of your strandsIt also aims to strengthen from the scalp. You will see improvements in the appearance of your hair in a short time.

5. Sauce Beauty: Mask with avocado and honey

Sauce Beauty Guacamole Whip Máscara de humedad profunda con aguacate, miel Jarrah, aceite de argán y aceite monoi - Repara el cabello dañado o seco - Mejora el brillo y la sedosidad, L

Natural hair mask made with guacamole extract, jarrah honey and argan oil. These 100% natural ingredients seek to hydrate the current state of your hair, repairing damaged and dry strands.

This guacamole mask acts as a treatment intensive and complete that is responsible for hydrating your scalp, in turn repairing the mistreated aspect of it.