After a long day at work, there is nothing better than giving your feet a well-deserved rest.

If you are one of those who spend a lot of time standing at work, walk for long hours or are used to wearing tight or bothersome shoes, chances are you suffer from foot aches. So after a long day, it is good to rest and pamper them by immersing them in warm water to help decontract and relax the muscles. And it’s even better if you add salts or drops of essential oils and soak them for around 15 minutes so that the pores receive the benefits of essences and minerals.

At the end, you can not forget to apply a refreshing gel through a soft massage a few minutes before bedtime. In this way the tensions in the area are completely alleviated; And to finish with a flourish, then you put them up for a while to improve circulation. With this simple routine of caring for the skin of your feet, you will be able to notice the results almost immediately, so you will no longer feel pain or tiredness, and you can even enjoy a deeper sleep.

In this sense, the menthol creams They are essential products for the hottest times of the year, since it is the time when the discomfort in the feet is usually aggravated. It is there when the sensation of freshness that they generate achieve analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, which are essential to relieve pain and cramps.

They are products that are developed to help with skin care, since they are rich in emollients and moisturizers that protect them from external factors and prevent dryness. So if you suffer from dry or sore feet, it is important that you use one of the creams that we recommend below and include them in your body care night routine to feel rested and relaxed.

1. Cold cream Mentha Foot

It is a cold cream with a revitalizing formula that combines aloe vera and spearmint, components that generate a calming and cold effect to relieve tired feet. In addition, they provide an intense effect to relax muscles and leave skin soft, which is very pleasant during the hottest times of the year.

This product is also essential to prevent circulation problems, which is a common symptom due to the pressure to which the feet are exposed throughout the day.

2. Exfoliating cream with aloa vera

Bliss foot cream contains aloe vera leaves and mint They generate a refreshing and healing effect to help calm intense pain in the heels and soles of the foot. It also has a formula rich in salicylic acid that removes dead cells so that the skin is soft to the touch. This without forgetting that it is a cold effect formula that absorbs quickly to stimulate circulation and make your feet relax completely.

It is recommended for pregnant women, since they are the most likely to suffer from excess fluids that generate poor circulation, swelling and knee pain. Also has natural ingredients that work together to capture water and prevent feet from drying out and peeling off while wearing shoes. You can apply it with gentle massages every day before sleeping so that you get an energizing sensation.

3. Massage cream with tea tree

It is a massage cream that provides immediate relief and relaxation in the legs and feet. The key is its natural properties of spearmint, tea tree and shea butter, ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Likewise, it is a product known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effects, which helps regulate circulation and work as a tonic to protect the capillaries.

his essential oil formula and its ultra effect cold it offers a silky texture that nourishes, soothes the skin of the heels and relaxes the feet after a long day; This way you will no longer suffer from tired, cracked and dry feet.

4. Cream with English peppermint oil

It is a foot treatment that contains an infusion of English peppermint oil that is ideal for dry and tired feet, since it softens and intensely hydrates them to keep them active. his Nutrient content and essential oils They provide properties with anti-inflammatory effects that reduce swelling and work to reduce fatigue and give the feet a comfortable feeling of calm and relaxation.

Ideally, you massage the affected area to achieve a refreshing sensation with calming effects on the heels, especially at night. But it is also a muscle recuperator that stands out for its anti-edematous quality, which attenuates fluid retention while improving microcirculation. There is no doubt that after the application of this cold gel you will notice an immediate well-being with the disappearance of the swelling and tiredness, so that you achieve the much sought-after relaxation in the feet and legs.

5. Massage cream with essential oils

Majestic Pure offers you a gel with a formula of essential oils that have components that relieve pain in the feet and muscles. Among its main assets are the turmeric root and arnica flower infusion They are known for their relaxing properties, and aloe vera provides immediate well-being and an invigorating sensation on feet, fatigued legs and aching muscles.

It also contains mint and eucalyptus, perfect ingredients for you to apply after a long day of training or work. You just have to apply it through a gentle massage so that the moisturizing and anti inflammatory properties They can penetrate the layers of the skin and achieve their regenerative, healing and decongestant effects. The important thing is that you refrain from using it in areas that have dermatitis, burns or injuries since it can worsen the injury.