The makeup It is an essential element that allows us to highlight the most beautiful features of our face and thus always look beautiful. However, there are some products that contain chemicals or components that can create allergies or adverse reactions in our skin. For these cases the best option is to use makeup with mineral powder, which guarantees you an even, safe and beautiful result on your face.

1. Basic kit of makeup


It is designed with colors that adapt better to skin tone. Includes two shades of mineral base, to ensure you have a perfect match. They are easy to use and apply.

They are translucent, one shade will be on the yellow side and the other shade will be on the pinker side. With this makeup you will always get a subtle look but at the same time with a great coverage effect.

Loose Powder Illuminator


It is a luminescent mineral base, beautifully pigmented. Does not contain talc, no it is comedogenic and provides high spectrum sun protection. Includes a blend of antioxidants and vitamins.

It offers you a full and complete coverage, with a wet finish. It has been designed so that it can be used for both combination and dry skin, just apply it with a brush to achieve complete coverage.

3. Mineral Base from L’Oreal


With this base the skin has a feeling that breathes freely, 100% preservative-free formulated, talcs and fragrances.

Is a mineral makeup that improves your skin with SPF 19 it perfectly covers, leaving your skin soft and even with natural skin t An effective makeup solution for your day to day.

4. Mineral Powder by Neutrogena

It is a powder that helps create a natural-looking finish. This Formulated to equalize and improve clarity, tone and texture of the skin while reducing redness.

With this light and breathable makeup you can rest easy, as it is safe even for sensitive skin. An ideal option to apply daily and always look beautiful.

5. Dust Long duration

Offers flawless skin coverage. Cleanses and covers the skin with a natural powder that acts as a foundation, eye concealer and acne coating. It is of high quality and long lasting.

This powder sits on top of your skin, not your fine lines or wrinkles. Additionally gives you natural sun protection, so that your skin is beautiful as well as protected.