Decorate or remodel the living room is an opportunity to test all our creative skills and create that space that we have always had in our minds. An important part of the changes includes when we want to acquire new furniture that offer comfort and comfort under our roof, and that is why here we show you some excellent options of sofas with modern style that you can have in your home for less than $ 200.

1. Comfortable cabinet with reversible function

This sofa features a standard size which is ideal for any living room. Its contemporary style is beautiful, simple and striking.

Count with one upholstered good quality, resistant and long-lasting. It also stands out for being multipurpose since it works both for sitting and taking a nap.

2. Two seater sofa for living room

Of beautiful and simple designThis sofa stands out for its soft-touch synthetic leather and its sturdy wooden frame. Its seat is comfortable and flexible, ideal to support your back.

What attracts the most is the high quality of its materials, especially its soft fabric upholstery that does not harm or inconvenience people. Also its wooden support is of strong construction to last over time regardless of use.

3. Furniture Contemporary style

This piece stands out for the comfort of its seat and the support it provides for the back. Its upholstery is made with good quality leather that adds shine to its overall appearance.

It has 6 legs chrome metal which make it more wear resistant. This sofa is designed to be located in any space in your home.

4. Soft and cozy seat for two

AODAILIHB - Soft and modern fabric sofa, loveseat, Velvet Wood Fabric, Dark gray

With a minimalist design, this sofa has 2 comfortable seats to sit and spend a pleasant time in the living room. his wooden frame offers stability and support when sitting.

Its velvet upholstery makes this sofa more breathable and warm at all times. Presents a lot cotton filling which makes it very soft to support the sword.

5. Modern design with cup holder

Its design is spacious, elegant and comfortable. It has the ability to adapt to become a practice bed so that unexpected visitors can comfortably spend the night.

Ideal for all types of guests, as it offers two supports for glasses, as well as a useful compartment with closure to stretch and support the legs.