The best way to fully enjoy your games.

Be a real gamer It implies knowing how to handle multiple video games and also being endowed with the best technological equipments to be able to practice for long days. The keyboardor and the mouse computer are the main devices to control the game, so they are also the most important, so you must make sure you have the best models and the best quality, such as those shown below:

1. LexonElec: Keyboard and Mouse backlit

This presentation is compatible with Windows 10; 7; 8; View; XP and Mac among others, comes in a 26 key panel With integrated gaming chip plus 6 buttons with easy slide wheels and adjustable keyboard height. The keyboard has an ideal space for your smartph

With the Integrated LED Orange and yellow colors, it will give a magical touch when playing, making the experience with the lighting mode, something more impressive.

2. Bluefinger: USB keyboard and mouse

With a keyboard made up of 21 keys that do not interfere with the action, this ideal combo with a backlit keyboard is presented with crack effect and a mouse with forward and backward keys with USB connection.

This combo with a lifetime guarantee adapts to those long days of video games where you need flexibility and speed, to advance to a next level.

3. Redragon: Combo with interchangeable keys

Designed with plastic high quality and LED lighting, This combo comes with a high-tech mouse that makes it fast in its operation, the keyboard with high-speed USB connection and 104 standard keys plus 19 keys without intersection for better efficiency when playing.

These tools with comfortable ergonomic designs they are ideal for every gamer, because it supports Windows 10 operating systems; 8; 7; Vista and XP.

4. Havit: Backlit rainbow keyboard and mouse

This 19-key keyboard has a weight of 758 grams with current of 200 amps and a voltage of 5 watts with light of 7 solid colors that can be adjusted or turned off. The mouse comes with 6 integrated USB buttons with a cable of at least 160 centimeters.

Super Mouse laser technology combo allows fast mouse movement during gameplay and keyboard Non-slip and spill resistant. They will be the duo you need to raise your levels in the game.

5. Havit: Non-slip keyboard and mouse

The presentation of this backlit keyboard has 19 keys, some can be disabled when playing. It has rubber supports To prevent them from slipping, the mouse has a long-lasting braided cable with microswitches that will respond quickly to every click.

The combo includes the circular and colorful effects red, green, blue, yellow, purple, cyan and pink that will give you greater visibility of the keyboard during the action.