Your car will be the new entertainment center with these players.

It is increasingly common that when we plan long hours of road trips, both adults and children look for some type of entertainment so as not to get bored while they reach their destination. So the time has come for you to relax and start enjoying your favorite movies and music no matter where you go. So we invite you to see the list of the best 5 portable players for your car that best suit your needs.

1. Pyle: Widescreen player

This DVD player features a widescreen display with high resolution and a rechargeable battery. It has a 32 GB CD / DVD and SD card slot as well as a USB port. Includes remote control and auto adapter.

Has full-range stereo speakers They provide a wide sound, allowing other passengers to listen without any problem. In addition, it is designed with a screen that can rotate 270 degrees, thus adapting to any viewing angle.

2. DBPower: Player with long battery life

The portable player has a 32GB SD card reader and a USB memory port so you can take advantage of all the digital media at your disposal. Includes a remote control, an AC cable and a car adapter.

It is a model that has a long-lasting battery, so you can enjoy up to four hours of fun. Has 360 degree rotatable display offering acceptable image quality from any angle.

3. Sylvania: Player with 15 ″ screen

Player with 15.6-inch rotating screen and rechargeable lithium battery. It comes with a USB port and SD card reader. Package includes remote control for configuration and car power adapter.

Thanks to your compact designYou can take it in the car or any other place so that everyone can entertain themselves during the long hours of travel. Simply connect your digital media and enjoy the experience playing music, movies and images.

4. Cooau: Player with rotating screen

It is a player that has a rotatable screen 180 to 270 degrees and a rechargeable lithium battery. It has a slot for DVDs, a USB port and a 32 GB SD card, which allows it to accept different formats of discs, videos, audios and images. It comes with a remote control, an AC cable, a power adapter and a car adapter.

You can sync it with other DVD players and your TV if you want to display on a larger screen, which provides more comfort so you can enjoy your favorite movies or play video games.

5. See me: Portable media player

It is a model with a 10.1-inch rotating LCD screen, with a lithium battery and 2 × 1.5W stereo speakers. It supports DVD and CD, multimedia files through USB port or 32GB SD card slot. It has an AC cable, a wall charger and a car charger.

This personal DVD player has a anti-shock and compact design for easy portability. And it comes with a canvas case with two adjustable straps for attaching it to the car headrest and enjoying a road trip with the best entertainment.