All women like it make up; However, many suffer when buying the right one because they are allergic to specific components and chemicals that these products usually contain among their ingredients. If this is your case, here we leave you 5 natural eye masks so you can wear a beautiful appearance and avoid allergies.

1. Mask Organic Black Naturally Rooted

85% organic mascara by Long duration, made with a nutritious formula that contains chamomile oil and sunflower oil.

Its natural ingredients hydrate and strengthen each hair while giving volume to your lashes so you can achieve that shocking look and maintain it throughout the day.

2. Mascara Ecco Bella

Vegan black mascara, from light formula and easy to remove. It is made of natural clay and iron oxides.

Sports a makeup subtle and natural applying this mask. Each unit comes with a mirror.

3. Mascara Better’n Ur Lashes

Mascara hhypoallergenic for a long, thick hair look. Suitable for upper and lower eyelid.

Made with natural ingredients that help stop the fall of the tabs. It has a shelf life of three months from the first application.

4.Mascara Chic Republic

Natural mask available in black color made with lavender flower, sunflower oil, rosemary and cinnamon leaf extract, rice powder, among other natural ingredients.

A product that leaves an effect of High Definition without damaging your eyes. You get it for $ 30.

5. Natural mascara BWC

Black mascara made with natural ingredients such as biotin, Vitamin E, rice wax, among others.

Have a perfect size so you can carry it in your wallet, however, with its excellent quality it will not be necessary to touch up the makeup eyes all day.

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