If you want to surprise all your guests, these dresses are the best option.

Surely like many brides you would like to get married while staying true to your own style, although this does not mean that you cannot surprise with your outfit the day of your wedding. For this important moment in your life you have options of dresses that range from classic to daring, so if you are one of the women who likes to take risks, you can choose a design of bare back that will make you look very sexy. For this, here you will find 5 perfect wedding dresses to surprise every

1. Dressed in Mermaid cut

It’s a mermaid cut dress made of chiffon fabric and adorned with lace details and appliqués. Its design provides a matching sweetheart neckline with bare back.

It is a sexy piece that will make you show some skin, that’s why it is an option that always triumphs among modern brides. In addition, it has a design that stylizes your figure and it gives you the sophisticated air you want to show off at your wedding.

2. Dressed in layered skirt and belt

It is an A-line wedding dress that is designed with a corset decorated with lace and an appliqué belt. She also has a wide skirt with floor-length satin fabric.

It is a stylized and elegant piece It has a neckline on the back with beading details that make it look like a work of art. Features that will make you feel beautiful and comfortable with yourself during the most important moment of your life.

3. Dressed in lace details

It is a mermaid cut wedding dress that is made with lace and appliqué details in all its extension; although what stands out the most is its wide open back.

Count with one deep backless neckline which is perfect if you are looking to stylize your figure and show yourself more daring during the ceremony, especially if you are a modern woman who wants to look unforgettable.

4. Dressed in spaghetti straps

It is a wedding dress designed with spaghetti straps and open back with lace and appliqué details in the front, front and back. Features that match a chiffon skirt made with a loose cut to the floor.

This plunging neckline design becomes an option sexy and elegant to wear on your wedding day. On the other hand, its beachy style fits seamlessly into an outdoor ceremony on spring or summer days.

5. Dressed in v neck

It is a wedding dress with chiffon lining that is soft on contact with the skin. Its design has a integrated V-neckline bra Decorated with lace straps and hems.

This piece will make you feel sexy during the most important moment of your life, it already stylizes your torso and show your curves in a subtle way. Also, it is perfect if you are a tall and slim woman.