Your room home It must be cozy, pleasant and have all the elements that make it the perfect space to share with your family, receive visits from your friends and loved ones. And what better way to set this space than with an artistic painting of Jesus Christ, to keep faith in the home at all times.

1. Oil painting of Jesus and Child


Beautiful painted oil totally by hand on canvas. This work comes framed and ready to be hung on your living room wall. It comes carefully packed.

This table presents in a close-up the cute image Jesus Christ with a child in his arms, in the background he has a colorful garden of flowers that they are contemplating, at the same time that a butterfly perches on his hand.

2. Art & SoulWorks: Prince of peace


This work of Akiane Kamarik, is the representation of Jesus resembling his real image as seen from heaven. It is an exquisite reproduction of the real painting, with double matte printing.

The painting presents a portrait in foreground, showing Jesus in a humanized way. His face resembles the feeling of having him right in front of us, in addition to being able to see us in his gaze.

3. Oil painting of Smiling jesus christ


Portrait of Jesus Christ painted entirely by hand by an artist from the region, using the oil on canvas technique. It’s an image bright and original that stands out in any space where you have it.

This work shows us in the foreground a Jesus smiling and friendly, illuminated with brilliant golden tones, that resemble aces of light that come off his body.

4. Visual Art: Jesus hands


It is a high quality canvas with eco solvent prints, it is stretchy and framed and ready to hang. Includes the tool kit for easy installation on the wall of your room.

The piece is wrapped over Pinewood, the image continues around the sides. It is enameled on the top, with no visible staples or stickers. It is a great work that animates and energizes the space where it is arranged.

5. Fankiko: 5 Piece Box


Glicée Artwork, Envelope premium canvas. The painting is wrapped and stretched with a wooden frame on the back. Each panel has a black hook already mounted, ready to hang.

It is perfect for decorating your living room, this work in 5 panels you have it dynamically on the wall of your choice. It is the representation of Jesus praying on the mountain.