Get rid of corns easily in minutes.

The hygiene and beauty of feet It is essential, since this part of our body speaks a lot about us and our hygiene habits. This is very important when using shoe designs and slippers with lightly padded soles that can generate calluses. And since there is nothing more annoying than having painful calluses on the feet, here are five alternatives that will help you get rid of them immediately.

1. Callus remover flexible

It is a package of callus removers that are equipped with a cushioning mesh thin and flexible They offer pain relief and smooth the affected surface. Each of the patches are made of waterproof materials.

With this high-quality remover pack, you can quickly remove calluses, while giving your feet a pleasant feeling of softness and freshness.

2. Patches with salicylic acid

It is a package with eight patches equipped with twelve protective pads made in tosalicylic acid They help to remove calluses from the feet and provide softness and freshness.

With this patch pack you can give your feet a effective treatment and quickly remove calluses, and its patented design protects the affected area from friction.

3. Templates for remove calluses

They are extra padded and soft callus remover patches that are made with medicinal discs and adherent design. This treatment is designed to relieve pain caused by pressure and friction.

It is a very practical patch pack that you can also take wherever you want thanks to its flexible wrapping. They are easy to place and remove and they are designed in a way that does not affect the way you walk.

4. Treatment kit scrub

It is a kit that includes four pads with pads, a file, two spare pads and a lotion to effectively remove the Dry Skin. The exfoliating formula is made with botanical extracts and nutrients that help to quickly remove calluses.

This product works effectively on your feet and decompose Quickly layers of dead and thick skin. In addition, it comes with a series of accessories that will help you give more treatment.

5. Removers extra thick

A package of four pads and four salicylic acid remover patches that are designed to remove calluses and protect feet from pressure and pain, as well as swelling.

It is an effective product that guarantees a treatment that eliminates Dry Skin and thick accumulated on the bottom of your feet. An efficient tool to remove calluses and dry skin.