An ingenious and fun way to stay in shape.

Do exercises at home is the best way to stay energized throughout the day, and in this way you can create a much healthier and easier to follow life plan. Currently there are a lot of equipment that allows you to have the experience of a gym without having to leave your home. And today we present five pedal machines They will be of great help for you to carry out your exercise routine at home.

1. Exercise machine laptop

It is a portable white leg and arm exercise pedal with ultra-resistant non-slip base feet. It has a bicycle mini pedal in addition to a multifunctional LCD screen with indicators of time, speed, distance and calories burned.

This exercise machine is highly resistant and will greatly facilitate your routine daily workout no need to leave your home. Feel free to practice cardiovascular exercise whenever you need and for as long as you want.

2. Exercise system with electronic display

It is a pedal to perform exercises with folding design It also includes an electronic screen where you can check the progress of your exercise routine. Its practical design allows you to exercise your arms and legs; At the same time that it stimulates blood circulation, it increases your resistance and muscular strength.

This machine is very easy to fold and open and this makes it much more practical to have it at home. Its size makes it perfect so you can use it to exercise in your bedroom, outside living rooms, living room, kitchen or workplace.

3. Finished exercise pedal silver

It’s a sturdy exercise pedal with a lightweight design and silver finishes. It has four pads of non-slip rubber And its body is made of ultra strong steel tubes, this allows it to withstand any level of intensity.

This machine will represent a lot of comfort for your home and storage. It is a very practical tool and easy to move so you can tone your arms and legs whenever you want.

4. Exercise machine compact and homemade

This machine has a LCD screen Electronic that allows real-time tracking of distance, calories and other training factors. It also has an adjustable resistance mechanism and is black.

It is easy to use and place on solid surfaces to tone your leg muscles, as well as burn calories intensely.

5. Bicycle pedal for desk

The Wonder Maxi under-desk bike pedal features an LCD screen that is equipped with force indicators, time and calories. It has a portable and light design, it is also a safe and reinforced machine with anti-slip bases.

Its sturdy frame guarantees maximum stability while exercising either in the office or at home. It is an excellent option for you to burn calories anywhere and whenever you want.