Essences with the distinctive touch of your favorite celebrities.

It is common for the lives of many famous on fashion issues, makeup and haircuts manage to capture your attention and you want to find a way to adapt them to your own lifestyle. One way you can feel closer to them is through their perfumes, and it is well known that the aroma you give off speaks volumes about your personality. That is why we present you five options of perfumes with the particular stamp of different artists.

1. Cloud of Ariana Grande with bergamot and lavender

This Ariana Grande perfume has top notes composed mainly of ingredients such as bergamot, pear and lavender. The base is praline, vanilla and coconut heart that create an addictive mix with a sweet and intense aroma.

This fragrance offers stimulating notes that instill confidence and positivity. They also leave a trail of essences sweet florals it will make you wonder what clouds smell like.

2. Wonderstruck Enchanted Special Edition of Taylor Swift

Wonderstruck Enchanted by Taylor Swift is a perfume characterized by spicy notes, which come from a combination of passion fruit and wild berries. Its base is white freesia and peony with some more delicate touches of vanilla and white musk.

This fragrance seeks to show that safe side, nice and happy that is part of your personality. Plus, it comes in a bold crimson jar with antique gold patterns that add a vintage twist.

3. Notes from Celine dion with touches of wood

Celine Dion’s Notes is a classic perfume that has a sweet composition which is made primarily from a seductive blend of peony and mimosa. It also has some hints of woody and orchid scent to lay the foundation.

It is a fragrance with floral notes, perfect for you to wear during the spring or summer days. Its soft trail is the essence of a strong womanConfident and sensual, she is not afraid of being the center of attention.

4. Live Luxe from Jennifer Lopez

Live Luxe by Jennifer Lopez is a fragrance created with aromas of fruit essences like peach, pear and melon. The center is made up of lily, freesia and honeysuckle accompanied by certain addictive notes of vanilla, amber and musk.

It is a revitalizing cocktail that has a soft floral trail that works to any moment during the day or even during a night out. The goal of this perfume is to make you feel glamorous and shiny wherever you go.

5. Nude of Rihanna with sweet essence

Rihanna’s nude has a composition based on sweet fruits such as tangerine, guava and pear that come together in a base of floral essences such as jasmine, orange blossom and gardenia. The perfume features some contrasts of musk, vanilla orchid, and sandalwood.

This fragrance begins with a moderate trail that conveys charisma and creates a warm atmosphere with floral undertones. Definitely a perfect option for you to show your security and elegance wherever you go.