The scents sweet They are very popular especially in women’s perfumery. They are the favorite choice of women who love perfumes with soft olfactory notes and moderate intensity. This type of fragrance represents an extremely feminine and above all very outgoing personality. If you love this type of scents, you will probably like the following 5 perfumes of woman with sweet notes.

1. Sweet like candy by Ariana Grande

A sexy, playful and Irresistible It is characterized by sweet notes of ingredients such as Italian bergamot, pear, jasmine sambac mixed with honeysuckle and vanilla. It comes in a cute pink glass jar decorated with a tassel on top.

This perfume has been inspired by the personality seductive, sweet, fun and sexy that characterizes Ariana Grande. It will surely make you stand out wherever you go and you will feel divine with that rich aroma.

2. Daisy love by Marc Jacobs

Created in 2018, this perfume is seductive and is made up of fruit aromas that make it very vibrant and original. Accompanied by stronger contrasts of wood and musk with a woody touch that you will love.

This perfume is ideal for those girls who lead a hectic lifestyle and who love to have a rich perfume with them all the time. The deluxe edition of this fragrance is the ideal gift for these Christmas holidays.

3. Fantasy with aromas of kiwi and red lychee

Fantasy of Britney Spears It is a perfume with olfactory essences from the floral and fruit family where kiwi, red lychee and quince predominate mixed with white chocolate, jasmine and orchid that are complemented by musk, lily root and woody notes.

This perfume is from Long duration and it can accompany you during your work meetings, parties, meetings with friends and others. It is recommended to use the perfume in areas such as the wrist, behind the ear, the crease of the arm, the knees and of course the neck.

4. Coach New York with turkish rose and musk

A delicious perfume with a fragrance full of energetic and sparkling contrasts and at the same time sensual and feminine. Its composition highlights aromas such as bright raspberry and creamy Turkish roses that seal suede musk for a more robust touch.

This perfume is very appropriate for occasions casual and elegant in which you want to be noticed. If you love sweet aromas, Coach New York is ideal for you to always carry with you.

5. Guess tangerine-scented spray

This perfume of Guess It is made with natural fragrances such as mandarin, bergamot, green apple, strawberry, peony, peach, red fruit, magnolia blossoms and the combination of cedar, moss, musk and amber, which leave a fruity and floral aroma.

The woman with a sweet and sexy personality will love this Guess perfume, which is an authentic work of art inspired by the femininity. If you are looking for the ideal gift for a girl, without a doubt this perfume can be a great option.