Sweet and fun fragrances for your day to day.

Having a good aroma to accompany us is very important since the fragrances we leave Where we go reveal part of our identity, so it is necessary to wear a perfume that goes with the personality so that everything is in harmony. There are many perfumes To choose the one that makes us feel most identified and when we are at that youthful age in which we discover our personality and tastes, it is good to try everything that is available so as to choose with certainty what we really love. Therefore, here we recommend some of the best perfumes that are ideal for young women.

1. Lucky Brand Lucky You

From Lucky You, this perfume comes in a nice tall bottle that contains 100 ml of perfume that has been made with refreshing scents of flowers, with notes of grapefruit, jasmine, poppy, sandalwood, amber and musk that give it that divine aroma.

This fragrance is from summery style for its components that give that rich and fresh smell. It is ideal as a gift for a girl for her birthday or for when she is starting classes or celebrating a special date that involves changes. What better to accompany them than with a good perfume.

2. Meow by Katy Perry

This perfume draws a lot of attention, from its creator to the packaging. Katy Perry, the world famous singer, is the inspiration for this scent that comes in a cute kitty bottle in pink and from which hangs a pendant with the letter M, initial of the perfume’s name.

It has been designed with the aromas of jasmine, gardenia, oranges, pears and olfactory notes of African orange, honeysuckle and lilies of the valley, with a mix of musk, sandalwood, amber and vanilla that give those rich citrus and fruit aromas. It is an ideal perfume for a young girl.

3. Marc Jacobs Daisy

From Marc Jacobs, this perfume called Daisy is ideal for those girls who are discovering those scents that identify them. With a exquisite strawberry aroma and violet petals with velvety and a mixture of gardenia and jasmine, this is how this perfume also has cedar wood and birch in its olfactory notes.

Enjoy this perfume or give it to that special girl so she can carry a sweet aroma wherever she goes. Daisy makes you feel in a pure and free environment as well as fresh for its components.

4. Press from Beyonce

This perfume has been inspired by the American singer Beyoncé and her energy when she is in full concert. Comes in a beautiful glass bottle that resembles the silhouette of the artist and her costumes in each show.

The olfactory notes of this perfume are from citrus aromas from the bergamot, curasao and pear blossom, also the note of jasmine, orchids, peonies, musk, vanilla and woody notes. It is a perfume that leaves a delicious aroma.

5. Guess Girl Perfume spray for women

A perfume that from the first moment draws the attention of any young girl who is looking for that aroma that identifies her. Comes in a nice glass bottle pink with a lid that looks like a pretty flower and a black ribbon that gives a glamorous touch to the presentation.

From the Guess brand, Girl is a perfume that makes you feel sexy and daring because it has a explosion of exotic fruits and flowers that will make your senses vibrate. Without a doubt, the girl who uses this perfume will leave an unforgettable trail of aromas.