Improve the air quality of your home and avoid allergies in your family.

Sometimes the environment of our home can become damp and dense, especially at certain times of the year, which can cause allergies and discomfort in our relatives. An effective and safe way to control the humidity levels of our house is through the dehumidifiers, that improve and purify the air quality and allow you to be in an environment free of dust and contaminants. Take a look at these options and choose the best one for you:

1. Mini dehumidifier Electric


It gives you a job of high efficiencyIt is small, compact and with a 16 ounce tank. It is ideal to locate it in small rooms or in closed and small spaces.

Automatically shuts off when full of water, and the LED turns red when tank water needs drainage. It is very easy to remove and replace, and it is quiet and efficient.

2. Dehumidifier Electric


Developed with ultra quiet technology Thanks to its lightweight compressor, it allows you to choose the humidity value so that you can achieve the desired dehumidification effect.

It is programmed to automatically turn off once it has reached its capacity. Its low power consumption is a ideal ecological solution to absorb moisture and condensation.

3. Compact dehumidifier with humidity regulation


Eliminate up to 70 pints of air per day. It is perfect for living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, basements and more. It is designed for any interior space up to 4,000 square feet.

his smart control panel LED display visually shows you the humidity levels in the room and the desired target humidity levels.

4. Powerful dehumidifier Average size


Removes up to 4 gallons of moisture from the air in a 24 hour period. It is ideal for the home and is very easy to operate, you only have to configure the desired humidity to level it intelligently.

With its compact size and recessed handleThis portable dehumidifier is easy to transport to a bedroom, bathroom, small basement, and even a medium-sized living room.

5. Large capacity dehumidifier for Home


Quickly and efficiently removes moisture from your home, thanks to its latest technology allows you to create a healthy environment for your family. Its low noise level allows you to have a calm and quiet sleep.

Its small size takes up little space, and perfectly controls condensation. Perfect for any environment in your home, its portable design makes it easy to carry and find a place to locate it.