A nebulizer It is a device that is responsible for dividing liquid medications into very small drops; these treatments target the lungs directly to treat conditions respiratory. There are different types, among which we can find laptops, designed so that you can attend any emergency from your home. Here we show you the best available for you.

1. Piston Compressor Compact


It is a kit complete nebulizer it comes in a travel bag. Includes masks for adults and children, air tube, nozzle with T-adapter, tank cup and 5 filters.

It is designed with a small footprint with a low center of gravity, with sound deadening and four feet of rubbers. It is a solution even for when you travel.

2. System Portable Compressor


It is very easy to use, its operation is through a single button and you use them hands-free. Its design has two compartments Storage and handle is easy to carry.

His therapy is effective, Ideal for all ages. All accessories are dishwasher safe, it allows you to attend to all your respiratory needs and conditions in the tranquility of your home.

3. System Inhaler Compressor


Designed with low noise technology, it offers you a effective therapy For all ages. It has a reliable range of compressor pressure for your safety and comfort.

Its small size makes it very easy to carry, with a single handle. It works at the push of a button. This portable nebulizer can be used by all the members of your family.

4. Inhaler Kit with accessories


It holds 6 ml of liquid, its small size takes up little space and is a lot lighterIt only weighs 3.06 pounds. Includes children’s mask, adult mask, air tube, mouthpiece, spray cup and filters.

It is a reliable team with which you can attend any emergency of yours or your family at home or when they are traveling. Is it so practical and comfortable which is easy to store and transport.

5. System Personal Compressor


The inhaler kit includes tube, mask for adult and child, cup, mouthpieces and all its detailed instructions. It is suitable for All ages, easy to use and also has a non-slip base.

Includes two storage containers, one for the power cord and one for all integrated accessories on the compressor, to add comfort and save space.