Of all women’s favorite brands …

Mother’s Day is approaching, and it is the season of searching for gifts. A wallet is an accessory that no matter the age or the tastes, it will always be well received by a woman. If you are looking for a gift wallet to that special woman in your life to give the Mother’s day, whether it is for your mother, your wife, your sister, best friend, or mother-in-law, here you will surely find a good option.

1. Casual style ROXY Island Resort:


For those looking for a more youthful and flirty style, this model is for them. Completely made of textiles and printed with a magnetic padlock to keep all our belongings well protected.

Is Roxy Island Resort walletIt has a special pocket for the smallest parts and an additional closure for more security. It is a fabulous and original accessory that will make you stand out from the crowd.

2. Tommy Hilfiger wallet casual style:

It is a medium wallet with the representative colors of the Tommy brand, where you can carry everything you want. Count with one magnetic closure with which you can easily open and close it. Inside, it has a small zippered pocket, ideal for small items such as a phone, keys, or identification.

It is a portfolio of strips are thick, made with soft material so as not to mistreat or wrinkle your clothes. There is four colors more that you can choose, to match your clothes and wear a youthful and minimalist look.

3. Kate Spade – Black leather wallet:

It is made with a combination of smooth neck material and upholstery. It has a zipper where you can easily open and close it without any inconvenience.

A black wallet It is an essential accessory that you should have in your closet, because they are the easiest to combine and you can use it with practically any type of clothing you have available.

4. Michael Kors – Classic style wallet:

This is another brand portfolio recognized for its particular style and quality. Is MK wallet It has straps spacious enough for you to carry it on your shoulder or, if you prefer, use it as a handbag. They are made with a gold chain and a leather strap, which gives it a comfortable surface to carry it.

It is a very spacious portfolio. In it you can store everything you need in an organized way. You can choose to your liking among its different styles, designs and colors. An accessory that matches any garment and style.

5. Michael Kors Crossbody Bag:

This wallet It is made 100% with pebble type leather, it has a magnet clasp which allows you access to store your things. On the inside it has a pocket with 3 slots so you can comfortably store your cards.

The color of it is very elegant, with its golden details you can easily combine it with your clothes and accessories. You can adjust its strap so that it is always at a height that is comfortable for you.