A vehicle in good condition not only requires good mechanical operation, it must also have a clean and well-kept interior. Keeping it that way is not an easy task, especially if we do a lot of tasks when we are inside it, it is almost inevitable that we will dirty and even stain the floor and the seats. Luckily, there is a wide variety of products that will give the car upholstery its good appearance, as well as those shown below:

1. Cleaner and conditioner multipurpose

A system of cleaning two-step that is easily applied to the leather, nourishing, conditioning and completely removing dirt and oils. The set comes with a cleaner, conditioner and two sponges.

Conditioner helps prevent cracking of the leather without leaving residues. Best of all, it has the same effect on other items made of leather such as suitcases, shoes and jackets, among others.

2. Leather conditioner that softens and hydrates

A cleanser that softens, hydrates and strengthens the flexible properties of the leather leaving it softer to the touch and with a beautiful appearance. Its non-toxic formula is repellent to water, snow and rain.

An excellent product that prolongs the useful life from your car upholstery or any other leather object such as home furniture, motorcycle seat, boots, gloves, bags and many more.

3. Formula for multiples surfaces

It is a mixture that effectively cleans all types of surfaces such as plastic, vinyl, rubber, leather, fabric and carpets, among others. It is not necessary to rinses with water once you have finished using it, since it is a safe and toxin-free product.

You can use it in the indoor and outdoor of cars, boats, motorcycles and even in the furniture of your home. Leaves a fresh look that even has UV protection.

4. Pack of disposable wipes

Some extra soft disposable wipes that clean, condition and protect upholstery made of leather. They are coated with a solution that easily removes dirt, dust, and grime.

A set of 60 wipes that renew and help preserve the shiny appearance of your car’s leather, restoring it to its original appearance without leaving any residue on your hands or on your car’s upholstery.

5. Auto cleaning gel with triple effect

This gel has been formulated for leather care and includes a microfiber cloth to apply it more carefully. Its advanced formula offers three ways to care for and preserve the surface on which it is applied.

The gel clean, conditions and protects the leather, while the cloth allows you to spread it evenly and precisely to remove stains, discoloration and premature aging.