Your feet will look beautiful and healthy at all times.

One of the most requested treatments in beauty or aesthetic salons for health care is the pedicure, since with it you not only keep your feet With a beautiful and well-groomed appearance, you also help prevent any infection or disease in them, since they are one of the most vulnerable limbs to suffer injuries or complications in their conditions. But if you are one of those spends a lot of money in keeping your feet, it may be time for you to have your own instruments and tools at home, so you can pedicure yourself and save money easily.

1. Callus file In the feet

This practical and efficient file metal surface It serves to remove calluses from the feet safely and without discomfort.

It offers you good results both in dry as wet feet; however, it is suggested to use a moisturizing or moisturizing cream for a smoother and more even result.

2. Whirlpool tub with temperature control

Is spa-type whirlpool tub It has a powerful and relaxing vibration massage method. Just by submerging your feet for a few minutes you can soften calluses, cuticles and dead skin, making the pedicure much easier.

It has touch control and the option to level the temperature you want in the water: hot, warm or cold. It also has some removable rollers that allow you to better control the intensity of the massages.

3. Therapeutic soap for the feet

This therapeutic soap is made from sea salt, Australian tea tree oil, and six extra oils that are known for their properties. antifungal and antibacterial.

Its oils and natural essences They seek to eliminate toenail fungus, odor and athlete’s foot. It is ideal to dissolve it in your whirlpool.

4. Basic kit for foot care

This kit is equipped with specialized foot care instruments and items. Includes a callus remover, cuticle remover, nail clipper, toe separator and much more.

Each piece included in this set is made of antioxidant stainless steel High quality, resistant and long-lasting.

5. Exfoliating mask for feet

Is exfoliating mask for foot care it is made from sunflower skin and lemon extract. Removes and removes dead skin from feet, impurities and calluses in a very short time.

Is composed of sugar maple, tea tree, honey, coconut oil, sunflower seeds, olive oil and other natural ingredients that favor the skin of your feet.