A relaxing bath It is a good way to spend time atome after an intense day of work. These can be used as home therapies to relax the muscles, regulate blood pressure and improve the appearance of the skin. Few baths can be as relaxing as one of bubbles And to make the experience more pleasant, we present the following products below.

1. Foam bath with the smell of lavender

A bubble bath with lavender scent made with natural ingredients such as essential oils that calm and relax the body. The product also boasts the relaxing properties of ingredients such as chamomile, calendula, jojoba protein, and quinoa extract.

Enjoy a rich bubble bath that will help you relax after a hard day at work. The divine scent of lavender will help you feel relieved and cool to go to bed.

2. Set of 24 pumps aromatic

A set of 24 bath bombs They come in four small boxes and each one is painted in six colors and give off a very pleasant aroma when dissolved in water. They are made with organic grape seed oil extracted naturally.

This game is ideal for having more cheerful and relaxing baths that will help eliminate all your problems. It is suitable for treating dry skin as it helps improve texture of it and give you a healthier appearance.

3. Sponge mesh

One of the best options to help give a rich relaxing bath are these sponges made of mesh fabric that provide a pleasant massage when passed through the skin. They weigh approximately 60 grams and are available in packs of four.

They are available at colors such as gray, white, green and brown so that it can be in accordance with the decoration of your bathroom. These sponges are friendly to the environment as they are made from recycled materials.

4. Brush bodily for the bathroom

Bath brushes are a great option to help relax the body during the bath. Each brush has a smooth, polished wooden handle with the highest quality natural bristles. They are resistant moisture, a very beneficial feature when using during long baths.

This brush is perfect for treating cellulite since its constant use leaves the skin more shiny and smooth. Its thin bristles help improve blood circulation and remove dead skin cells.

5. Pillow bath neck

This pillow provides additional support to the neck and back to make each bathroom an experience similar to that of a whirlpool tub. spa deluxe. They come in vibrant colors that perfectly match your bathroom decor and leave no stain.

An accessory anti-slip which will remain attached to the bathtub throughout the bath. Enjoy the best relaxing baths and release neck and back tension at the same time.