Have so many devices electronics connected in the same place sometimes becomes a problem, since the cables they tangle with each other, making cleaning and organization difficult. Luckily there are different products for organize that nest of cables and not having to fight again to untangle them. Take a look at these options and choose your favorite:

1. Command clips from 3M

3M 17304 Command Cord Bundlers 4 Pack (8 Bundlers)

Clip pack made of sturdy plastic with sticky label at the rear. They support up to 3 pounds of weight.

Ideal for holding computer and appliance cables. They can reuse with a change of adhesive. You get them for under $ 15.

2. Cable organizer Envisioned

Heaviest Cable Organizer on The Market! Compact and Weighted Desktop Cord Holder and Cable Organizer, Eco-Friendly Silicone, No Bad Smell, Bundled with 4 Reusable Cable Ties! (Black)

Cable organizer made of heavy silicone with support for 7 units of different thickness. It is available in 6 colors.

Ideal to place it on the ground or on a flat surface, with this base you can keep your ordered cables even when you don’t have the equipment connected.

3. Organizer cover Promaster

63 “Cylinder Cable Organizer Sleeves made of neoprene. It has the ability to hold multiple cables at once. Two units come in black and white.

Practical, flexible and reversible, you can cut and adapt them to the size you want. Their simple and sober design will allow you to place them in any room or office without interfering with the aesthetics of the environment.

4. Organizers Monster Magnetics

TwistieMag Strong Magnetic Twist Ties - Multi Color for Men & Women - 10 Pack - Unique Gadgets for Cable Management, Hanging & Holding Stuff, Fidgeting, Or Just for Fun!

Organizer strips made of silicone with internal magnetThey do not rust or demagnetize over time. 9 units come in different colors

These multipurpose strips will not only serve you for keep your cables in orderYou can also use them to close bags, hold hair or hold papers in the fridge or magnetic surfaces.

5. Organizers velcro

Velcro bands to hold cables of all kinds. 20 strips of different sizes and colors.

These bands will allow you to keep your cables in order even stored in a box or drawer. You get this pack for less than $ 10.