Give a new life to your silver utensils and make them look like new.

The silver utensils They are usually common in homes. Well be cutlery, vases or jewelry, silver is an element elegant and resistant that highlights any environment. However, over the years, they lose their shine and become opaque and blackish, giving them a worn and dirty look. To prevent this from happening it is enough to have a good polishing cream to return them to their original shine, such as those shown below:

1. Wright’s: protective cleansing cream

Composed with a unique formula that cleans and restores silver and other metals. Clean silver, silver plate, jewelry, antique silver, silverware, pewter, chrome, porcelain, and more.

Rejuvenates opaque silver of your utensils by removing tarnish and polishing, allowing them to obtain a brilliant shine.

2. Twinkle: sponge polishing creams

The 124g cream pack consists of non-slip ingredient that keep silver beautiful longer.

Quickly dissolves tarnish of your utensils. They are soft in texture and easy to apply, just use a sponge.

3. Weiman: long-lasting shine cream

Formulated without ammonia And with the best non-slip ingredients, the cream keeps silver and other metals beautiful for years to come.

Rejuvenates silver dulls removing tarnish until a perfect shine is obtained. Its formula will also protect your utensils from scratches. You can use it on silver, silver plate, jewelry, antique silver, gold, brass, copper and aluminum.

4. Hagerty: 4-step cleaning kit

Cleaning kit includes 8 ounces polisher of Hagerty silverware, 7 ounce silver foam, horsehair brush and a polishing cloth.

Hagerty silver foam along with the rest of the kit, effectively remove the tarnish of your utensils even the most stubborn stain.

5. Scotchgard: cream that cleans, polishes and protects

Resistant to fogging, the cleansing cream contains a effective formula free from strong abrasives that restores silver utensils.

Cleans, polishes and protects to your utensils in just one application. So you won’t have to force yourself.