Achieve a sparkling fridge and totally free of annoying odors.

The kitchen It is one of the rooms in the home where we care the most cleaning. Being in contact with food, water and household appliances, smells and dirt quickly accumulate on any surface, and the fridge is no exception. So if you want to have a fridge that is totally clean and free of dirt, take a look at the following products so you can give it the proper cleaning:

1. Therapy: Stainless steel cleaner and polisher

The formula of this cleaner is composed of natural ingredients that provide cleaning and protection at the same time. Includes a special microfiber cloth so you can clean any surface without the risk of scratching it.

It is ideal for polish the outside of your fridge and any steel or chrome appliance. It is important to clean the outside of the fridge regularly to avoid the accumulation of grease and dust.

Cerama Bryte: Fridge cleaner

Cleaner free of toxic components and made with biodegradable ingredients. Eliminates grease, moisture stains, food residues and all kinds of spills from inside the fridge.

If you want to give your fridge a deep cleaning, this is the product you need. Eliminate odors and dirt in one step.

3. Weiman: Microfiber cleaning cloth

Handkerchief made with polyester and polyamide. On the one hand it serves to easy cleaning and on the other hand it serves to polish. Ideal for use in all types of household appliances, especially in the fridge.

A quick and easy way to remove dirt from the surface of your fridge. With this microfiber handkerchief you can choose to use it alone or with the help of a cleaning product to get better results.

4. Gotian: Magic Cleaning Sponge

The sponge is made of foam and is totally flexible to reach even the most difficult places in your fridge, household appliances and other kitchen implements.

It is easy to cut into the shape of your preference to give it a special use according to the surface you have to clean. His secret is in his great polishing power without scratching or damaging the surfaces of your products.

5. Konex: Extra strong cleaning brush

Flexible cleaning brush 33 inches long, ideal for cleaning the ventilation or drainage ducts of the fridge. Its bristles are thick and resistant to give you a deep cleaning.

By regularly cleaning the ventilation ducts or the fridge radiator, you can extend the life of the appliance for many more years.

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