Fix the scratches on your car by yourself and save money in the workshop.

There are many factors that can cause a rayon in your car: a car accident, reckless driving, parking too close to a wall or any other type of inconvenience that may arise behind the wheel. Although scratches ugly the appearance of your car, the works of painting They are very expensive, and thinking about that is that this time we recommend the best products to eliminate scratches of your car in the comfort of your home and thus save money in the workshop.

1. Shine Armor: Restorer of Imperfections


It helps you remove damage from your vehicle without damaging the paint, it does not contain filler or waxy. It is easy, fast and safe to apply to any type of car, its convenient presentation allows you to do it at home.

Restore the shine of your paint while treats scratches and unwanted eddies, treats water stains, rusts and many more setbacks that ruin your paint.

2. Dualshine: Multipurpose cloth


It is a cloth to polish your car with a safe formula Nanotechnology-free, odorless, chemical-free, corrosion-free and most importantly, it won’t spoil your car’s paint. You can use it approximately 10 to 15 times because it is reusable.

The effect of removing rust on the surface of the vehicle protects the car paint for much longer, and is suitable for all car colors. It gives you a simple way to repair the imperfections of your car.

3. Turtle Wax: Remover Wax by Rayones

Is a resistant paste that cleans opaque and rusty finishes. Penetrates quickly and easily through the rusty surface to remove scratches, stains and stubborn marks.

Its easy-to-use formula is recommended for rubbing between coats of freshly sprayed lacquers and acrylic car finishes. It is ideal for restoring discolored finishes and bring your car back to life.

4. Trinova: Restorative Kit Of paint


his advanced formula It works by polishing by hand or with a double action orbital polisher, you don’t need a maintenance tool or a high maintenance polisher to touch up the basic points of your car body.

You may restore scratches and the stains on the surface of your car in a simple way, just apply the product and wipe the polishing sponge over the affected part.

5. Presto !: Scratch Pencil

Quickly treat scratches and scuffs on the clear coat with this felt tip applicator. It is efficient and it is filled with enough product to repair several hundred scratches.

It works on all colors of car bodywork, you only have to pass the pencil on the affected surface, the product is activated in contact with the UV rays of the sun easily and simply.