Surely it has happened to more than one of us that when he sees a girl with a beautiful hair You can’t help but wonder how you can keep it so healthy, shiny and silky. “I wish I had asked” you will think more than once; However, since there are different types of hair, products That each girl uses does not have to generate the same effects, since depending on the state of our hair, the most suitable products can be chosen.

The key to having beautiful hair is to identify our hair type, in order to use the most suitable products and achieve the desired results. The hair is classifies according to its sebum or fat production, according to its thickness or texture and finally according to its shape. And depending on each of the 3 conditions you will have to use specialized products.

According to the quantity of tallow that your hair produces can be normal, dry, oily and mixed. Normal hair is one that is characterized by its regular production of fat or dryness, making it docile and healthy hair. Dry hair, on the other hand, does not produce fat and is recognized for being brittle, rough with dry ends and prone to tangling, which makes it difficult to hairstyle.

The hair fatty It is one that is characterized by excess sebum and is usually shiny, flat and without volume, so little that at first glance it seems dirty. Finally, the hair mixed It is the resulting combination between oily hair and dry hair, its root is usually oily and its ends dry. This classification will determine the type of shampoo and conditioner to use first, since once you control the grease you can take into account the other characteristics of your hair.

According to your thickness the hair will be fine, thick or intermediate. Fine hair is one that does not have volume, falls out easily and is sensitive to chemicals and it is difficult for this style to withstand any hairstyle. The hair thick It is one that is characterized by being very thick and requiring a lot of care to maintain its appearance, unlike the previous one, this one does resist the hairstyle. The intermediate thickness hair is the easiest to handle since it has a thickness that is easy to care for.

According to its shape, the hair can be classified as straight, wavy and curly. The hair smooth It is characterized by its uniformity and shine, it does not resist combing well and they tend to dry out if it is washed daily, but if it is given the necessary moisture it will maintain its shine and silkiness. The hair curly It has slightly marked laughs, is easily tangled and is characterized by frizz. In general, its waves are not very defined, so you have to take great care of it to make it look presentable.

The hair curly or frizzy It has small and elliptical waves that, when in contact with moisture, sponge and curl, unlike straight hair, it tangles easily so it needs much more care so that it does not dry out.

In short, you need to identify the type of hair you have to provide the necessary care and thus achieve the hair you have dreamed of. An alternative that simplifies the required care and that can also be used on all hair types are products with biotin. Biotin, or also known as vitamin H, B7 or B8, is naturally present in the skin, hair and nails.

Biotin is one of the vitamins that maintain the health and beauty of the hair, because it contributes to its growth, keeping it strong and giving it more elasticity and less breakage. In this way, much more vitality, thickness, volume, balanced pH and control of sebum production are obtained, which are extremely beneficial for the scalp. Thus being one of the few products that can be used frequently to treat different types of hair problems.

1. Vegetarian capsules with coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of the ingredients they have better absorption in the body. Vegetarian capsules promote hair growth, promote shiny skin and strong nails.

The tablets are small, so they will be easy to digest and the coconut oil on the other hand provides multiple health benefits. In the hair, it revitalizes and repairs its strands from external damage and regulates the oil production to avoid excess or insufficient fat.

2. Shampoo and conditioner with Biotin and Aloe vera

The shampoo and its respective conditioner contain a formula made from aloe vera, a plant that controls sebum production, stimulates growth and moisturizes the parched hair. Biotin and other natural ingredients will restore hair to health and beauty.

It will clean your scalp DHT, one of the main causes of thinning hair, thus being one of the few products that provide thickness and volume to fine hair.

3. Vegan gums for the whole family

Vegan and free of chemical additives. Biotin gums for adults and children offer a strengthening of cells and a dose more effective that promotes healthier skin, nails and hair.

You will achieve longer, beautiful and strong hair, in addition to its pleasant Strawberry flavor It will allow you to enjoy its consumption.

4. Chewable supplement of Biotin and Pectin

These Biotin and Pectin based gums act directly on the skin, nails and The hair giving you back your health and natural beauty. Its patented formula reaches deep into the skin cells and provides noticeable results in no time.

Its components support the essential amino acids that your body needs to produce elastin and keratin, 2 basic components for healthy hair and nails. In addition, by providing only 15 calories per serving, you will not have to worry about its effects on your weight.

5. Conditioner for hair volume

Based on Biotin and castor oil, a couple of ingredients that stimulate the growth of the scalp as well as its thickness. A conditioner with antibacterial and antifungal properties that act directly on each follicle preventing problems like dandruff and other scalp infections.

It is hypoallergenic and perfect if you have little tolerance to certain ingredients. Best of all, it greatly favors thin or fine hair as it gives them volume.