A universal symbol to balance body and mind.

A mandala is a graphic representation of the energies of the universe, and they are widely used in the buddhism and the Hinduism. Its drawing or contemplation helps you meditate as a method of healing, union and integration, making it ideal for attracting positive energies of the universe and achieve a balance between your environment, body and mind. If you want to keep this powerful symbol present at all times, take a look at the options below and start connecting with your spiritual being.

1. Mandala tapestry To hang on the wall

Made of cotton, this mandala can be used on internal and external spaces from your home. It has a large size and has been designed by hand by specialist craftsmen.

This model attracts wealth in health of people and you can place it on the wall as decoration in the room, take it to the picnic, to the beach or park.

2.Makeup cases raincoats

These bags of makeup they are portable and easy to take with you. They have a beautiful design with mandala flowers and it has been created with waterproof polyester and a smooth surface that makes it soft to the touch.

In them you can save your cosmetics while you recharge with good energy with the mandalas. It has a black zipper on the top and with it you secure your items.

3. Necklace with pendant Murano glass

This necklace comes with a Murano glass charm Venetian cut. Inside it has a mandala design that can be seen in the crystalline glass and enameled with multicolored gold threads.

This nice necklace you can take it everywhere and it adapts to any style that you carry in your day to day or you can give that special person in your heart and give him the best energies in the universe.

4. Windmill mandala

This pendant is perfect to wear it in the garden or in any space inside your house. It’s a cute grinder With mandala design that has a rotating effect while the wind blows. It is made of galvanized steel that resists any environment.

In addition to attract the best energies in your home, it will be a nice decoration for the space where you use it.

5. Meditation cushion with mandala print

This pillow made in durable polyester It is respectful with the environment and also very comfortable and easy to clean. Its fabric has a mandala design and has a closure to house the soft cotton with which it has been made.

You can use it in various areas of your home As a meditation cushion or as a decorative pillow for your bed, and thus have a mandala always present in your room.