Give your skin the benefits of this new product.

You may take care of your skin in many ways, but use products with natural elements and without chemicals it will always be a better option to protect your natural beauty. The micellar water It is an excellent option for cleanse, tone and hydrate your skin, especially at night when removing the makeup of the day or just to purify your skin. Without a doubt, it is one of the elements that is setting the standard in the world of beauty, and here we show you the best options so that you can include it in your routine today.

1. Garnier: micellar water for all skin types

This micellar water has soft formulas that leave the skin looking fresh and healthy. Suitable for daily use.

With its use, remove makeup and dirt like excess grease, without the need to use a cloth to dry yourself.

2. La Roche-Posay: micellar water for sensitive skin

Contains micelles that encapsulate dirt, poloxamer It is used in the solution of contact lenses, antioxidants and glycerin. It is free of oil, alcohol and parabens.

Hydrates and removes impurities that you have on your skin, even if it is pollution particles.

3. L’Oreal Paris: micellar water to cleanse your skin

It is a product powered by small micellar molecules in the water that are grouped together to remove impurities and makeup, without the need for strong rubbing. It is free of oil, alcohol and parabens.

Serves as a waterproof makeup remover and full facial cleanser for the skin of your face, the contour of your eyes and eyelashes, as well as the skin of your lips.

4. inVitamin: 100% natural micellar water

100% natural water a micelles base, which are microscopic groups of molecules that trap oil and dirt, so they take them along with them. Does not require water or rinse.

Cleanses, cleanses and hydrates your skin in just one step. You don’t need to rub the cotton ball, as the micellar water drags everything in its path.

5. Marcelle: micellar water with aloe vera

Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, micellar water is enriched with aloe vera and witch hazel. It does not require rinsing and its pump cover makes it easy to apply.

Micellar water acts as a magnet that catch dirt of each area of ​​your face, without the need for you to rub it. Indicated for oily skin. Gently apply it to your face, eyes and lips.