The garment that helps you show off your attributes.

The girdles over the years they have been one of the best allies for women when it comes to shaping the figure. It is that our personal image is part of those earrings that keep us busy, that’s why, we usually resort to girdles to get more immediate results. In this opportunity, we present you 5 shaping belts with push up that will enhance your bust and improve your body posture.

Lace bodysuit with compressor effect

This beautiful body comes in shades of black, beige and pastel blue to choose the one that goes best with your clothes. It has been made with polyester and spandex fabric that makes it very comfortable, it has a design of v neck and lace trimmings.

With this body you can the waist area, you will shape your back and hips. Its moderate compression system will provide you with these benefits to help you style your figure.

2. Full body shaping girdle Withouth stitches

This body has a three row buckle system, its design covers the entire part high, medium and low of your body. It is very comfortable because it is made of spandex and with adjustable straps.

Without a doubt it is a great option if you are looking to enhance your bust and shape your figure in areas such as the waist, without neglecting comfort. This girdle is very flexible and light so you can use it every day.

3. Girdle for enhance the bust

With a neck type U, This girdle is free of seams and is made of nylon and spandex to make it more durable and resistant. Its design is beneficial for areas such as the midsection, thighs, waist and bust.

Through its Push up system this bodyAvailable in beige and black tones, it fulfills the function of compressing the rolls of the back and belly. You will look very sexy wearing this garment under that dress or outfit that you like so much.

4. Body type girdle that reduce waist

This girdle has been made with high quality latex and spandex fabric. It has a front closure and is available in color skin and black. It comes with a strap system that easily adjusts to the shape of the body.

This girdle leaves you free bust so you can use the bra that you like the most. Its design helps you improve the posture of your body and at the same time relieve back pain.

5. Compression sleeves to correct posture

The shape of this garment fulfills several functions, one of the main ones is to lose weight arms and back. The sleeve has been designed with high elastic silk that molds to your body with softness and has three adjustable hooks under the bust.

Its sleeve allows you to shape flabby arms and improve your posture. back and spine; thus relieving pain in this area. You can also stretch your shoulders a little to get a nice and slim figure.

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