Your child can become the next science prodigy if you give him the right stimuli.

Currently the technology it is a fundamental part of our day to day. Countless tasks are made easy through the use of specially designed devices. The smallest of the house do not escape the charms of technology either, and in this sense, we must encourage their interest so educational. The most practical way to do this is through robots, that will allow them to play and learn at the same time, like the ones shown below:

1. UBTECH: Constructor robot

Is a robot buildable and decodable, which allows you to build and design your own creations. Learn how to use Blocky coding to program your robot to navigate obstacles, transport objects, create color effects, and more.

With this award-winning system of interactive and robotic building blocks, you can put your skills to the test, create completely new and personalized actions with its PRP function, pose, record and play.

2. Toy Robot with Remote control


Play recorded messages and fast forward, rewind, clockwise and counterclockwise with the included wireless remote control. Provides hours of fun and education, so that your children experiment with robotics and advanced technology.

You simply touch the top of the robot’s head to activate specific actions, you can also control it by voice commands and with applause. It offers great fun for children of all ages.

3. Force1: Interactive robot


You touch its button twice and it talks, this toy robot for boys and girls repeats everything you say. his durable body Made of die-cast metal, it makes a great toy for traveling by car or plane.

Shine in the darknessIt has bright LEDs on the front and a fun, sturdy body. Observe and listen while it lights up when you speak, and then repeat everything you say.

4. UBTECH: Robot Unicorn


This brilliant, buildable and encodable robot lets you learn how to use Blockly encoding to program your unicorbot’s special color sensor, using eight memory cards. magic color.

Program the magic horn with different colors to customize your creation of unicorn. It also allows you to create completely new actions and learn while having fun.

5. Wonder Workshop: Coding Robot

This robot engages children as they develop their coding capacity, by transitioning from block-based encoding to text-based JavaScript. It also includes Wonder, a unique machine language.

It is a learning robot sophisticatedly attractiveinspires hours of creative problem solving. With something for beginners and advanced encoders alike, it can grow with you and take encoding to the next level.