The fragrance It is one of those accessories that, in addition to capturing attention, captures the senses of those who perceive them. Without a doubt, the stamp that marks every woman with a romantic and seductive personality is a pleasant perfume. One of the essences that most identifies these characteristics is the rose scentThis is how we show you the best rose-scented perfumes for you below:

1. Oscar de la Renta: Beautiful rose

A fragrance from Oscar de la Renta, with notes of pink pepper, rose and patchouli. It comes in a 100ml presentation in a fancy flirty bottle.

East floral scent It is meant to make you feel joyous and sensual. It is a fresh perfume that highlights your romantic and seductive side. You can use it daily regardless of the dynamics of your day to day.

2. L’Erbolario: pink


The perfume of rose water is obtained from the distillation of the Rose petalsIt is a practice that has been carried out since ancient times and is considered an art.

Is a body perfume that you can even use to aromatize your hair and leave glimpses of this sweetness of aroma in your path. It is a fragrance that clears the senses and moistens your skin.

3. Green rose by Valentino


The output notes are the green rose, ginger, bergamot and petit grain from Paraguay. The heart of this fragrance of magnolia, rose and fragrant olive and its base is of yerba mate and musk.

It is a perfume created for set the spring. It is a green, floral, refreshing, enveloping and delicious essence that renews the aromatic notes of the mythical design house.

4. Perfume of Damask roses

East romantic and feminine perfume is made with essential oil, extracts of organic plants, natural damask rose and flower water rich in vitamins A, E and D. All its ingredients are natural.

This perfume will be the daily companion for your adventures. It is a feminine, delicate essence that highlights the romantic side of every woman with the most representative essence.

5. Alteya Organics: Pink rose water


It is a refreshing essence made from the distillation of petals of damask rose from Bulgaria, with organic certificate. In addition to perfuming, it also cares for your skin.

A fresh essence and to use daily, it is ideal to refresh yourself after a shower or to energize yourself after a hard day. Rose water is the classic essence of every woman.