Take care of our Health It is essential when we practice sports and we are more vulnerable to falls or blows that leave us serious injuries in our body; so we must always be prepared with the suitable accessories for each discipline. That is why this time we recommend the best safety helmets to use in your bike, for when you exercise, go to work or just when you go for a walk.

1. Bicycle helmet breathable

This helmet has been elaborated with 20 air vents and padded inside, plus a chin guard and a 3-mode rear LED light system.

When you wear this helmet, you will be sure that you will go safe on the way when you decide to do your tour at night. It is ultralight and comfortable to use it as long as you want.

2. Helmet high strength

Made of synthetic material with foam to reduce impacts. Its casing is polycarbonate and has an adjustable back dial and small reflectors for better visibility of the area.

This helmet is ideal for tour mountainous places for the safety elements that it provides in light and in the event of a possible fall, the ability to receive a minor impact.

3. Bicycle helmet integral

This bicycle helmet from mountain and BMX Completely covers the face for complete safety of the person. It has openings that help air in and out.

You can take it to your bike activities more extreme with security that it will protect your whole head and also your face.

4. Helmet with motion sensor

Designed in a beautiful green color, This helmet for men and women can withstand any weather. It has a wireless control with which you can inform through the colors of the LED lights when you are increasing or decreasing the speed.

The Lumus helmet It is a limited edition of long duration that will make you feel comfortable in any environment where you play sports with your bicycle.

5. Bicycle helmet microlight

The Lixada Ultralight mountain bike helmet is made up of 13 windows and foam mold to cushion the impacts. It has a rear wheel to adjust to the head.

With this accessory you can have maximum security not only for the reduced impact from a blow, It also has a chin guard and is soft, making it comfortable for long hours.