Nothing better than eating the food that you yourself have harvested.

There is no way to have a orchard own. It always tastes better the food that you yourself have harvested, and it is also much cheaper and healthier. However, you need to assess how fertile your yard, since if you buy the seeds before treating the land you will not succeed in achieving anything. There are many types of seeds, and we are going to recommend those that will give you the most basic vegetables in your eating plan.

1. Burpee: carrot, lettuce, cucumber and cherry tomato seeds

The Burpee 4-seed pack is made up of 500 lettuce seeds, 1000 carrot seeds, 1000 cherry tomato seeds and 60 cucumber seeds.

You may sow all year full sun. Please note that plant height, plant length, yields, and package and harvest instructions vary. Perfect for you to prepare a variety of dishes, from soups to salads.

2. Burpee: seeds of tomato varieties

Burpee offers a pack with six kinds of seeds Tomato assortments: 40 Porterhouse seeds, 30 Razzle Dazzle seeds, 65 Orange Wellington seeds, 30 Golden Mama seeds, 30 Black Pearl seeds and 30 Honeybunch seeds.

Harvest days vary, however you can sow all year full sun. The height of the plant will be 48 ″ and its extension 36 ″. Performance varies. With them, you will have the best garnishes and sauces to prepare your favorite pastas and pizzas.

3. Burpee: pack of three lettuce seeds

This pack of Burpee seeds contains three packages of different types of lettuce. The instructions indicate to sow outdoors in early spring after the average of the last frost and to harvest in 45 days.

For sow in early spring in full sun, varying heights, differentials and yields. You will enjoy the flavor that each lettuce will have to offer you. Prepare with it the richest salads and hamburgers with their fresh leaves.

4. Burpee: seeds to make tea

Burpee offers a pack of three seeds of tea with green mint (200 seeds), ‘German’ chamomile (2000 seeds) and sweet marjoram (2500 seeds).

To sow in early spring full sun. Variety of heights, sheets and yields. Chamomile will relieve colic and menstrual pain, it will also deflate you and help you better fall asleep. Peppermint aids digestion and relaxes you. The sweet marjoram relieves your nerves and gas.

5. Burpee: aromatic herb seeds

This Burpee seed pack contains the following aromatic herbs: Basil ‘genovese’ (400 seeds), Greek oregano (2500 seeds), parsley ‘Italian’ (1300 seeds) and common thyme (1800 seeds). Each collection contains 4 packages of seeds.

To sow outdoors in early spring after the average of the last frost. Harvest in 60 days. The range of plant heights is 4-24 ″ and the Range of plant extensions is 8-12 ″. With these herbs you can prepare all the recipes for Italian sauces such as Pesto, Alfredo, Neapolitan and Bolognese.