The best models of this year!

Do you want to know which were the most popular models in 2019? We show you 5 of the best-selling sneakers so you can join the trend with comfort and style.

1. Slow man

The sock-style tennis style has been in fashion for a long time now, and this model of Slow man offers an economical, comfortable alternative available in various colors. They are made of mesh type fabric that fits perfectly to your foot and have a rubber base with an air chamber to increase comfort.

This is the most economical model in the guide, with un price less than $ 30 and available in a large number of colors. In Amazon, the clients mention that they are a very comfortable shoe to wear during the day, that they provide support in the arch of the foot and that they are very easy to put on, since they do not have laces.

2. Skechers

From the renowned brand SkechersThis oversized white tennis model has been seen a lot this year for its versatility and comfort in a stylish model. Made of leather and synthetic fabric, these sneakers have a 1 “high rubber base and an insole memory foam. Despite looking like an oversized model, these Skechers sneakers are very light.

With more than 9,700 reviews, This is one of the guide’s best-selling models and they have a price less than $ 50 for your current 25% discount on Amazon. These sneakers are available in many different colors, and also in medium and wide sizes to better fit your feet. Clients highlight this model for its great style and comfort, ideal for use with any look.

3. Talk

A classic model that does not go out of style, these Converse sneakers They are the best-selling models and are available in many different colors. They are fabric sneakers, with a rubber base and inside they have a template that adds comfort.

Converse sneakers have a price less than $ 50 for your current discount and have more than 9,500 reviews in Amazon. The clients mention that this model has a good fit, it is available in medium sizes and they are of great quality, perfect to combine with any look.

4. Skechers

With a espadrille-like design, these Skechers tennis They have a simple and relaxed design, which is very easy to put on and adapts to different situations. This Bobs model is made of fabric, with a small flexible rubber base and an internal insole of memory foam to guarantee comfort.

This model stands out for being available in a huge number of colors, in medium sizes and also wide sizes. In Amazon, has more than 5,000 reviews and they have less than $ 35 for your current discount. Clients stand out from this Skechers model that are very comfortable and perfect for people with wide feet. In addition, these sneakers have a social impact, since they donate part of the profits to animal shelters.

5. New Balance

The brand New Balance It has recently gained popularity for offering comfortable and stylish styles to wear every day. Made of different types of fabric, these sneakers have a REVLite rubber base and a memory foam to increase comfort when you wear them. You can find this model in a huge variety of color combinations, to suit your personality, and also in medium and wide sizes, to perfectly fit your foot.

For their current discount of 30%, these New Balance sneakers have a price less than $ 50 and are well valued by clients. In Amazon, they mention that they are very comfortable and versatile sneakers, that they go well with any look. Despite being a more athletic model, they are not recommended for sports, but are ideal for people who walk a lot during the day.