Keep our pets Engaged in different activities is sometimes difficult for us because of the time that this responsibility implies in our spaces. That is why, in the market there are plenty of toys for entertainment of our canines with our company or in absence, so that they remain active. Take a look at these 5 recommended toys by other parents of dogs so that your dog has only the best.

1. Plush toys of fast food

These cute plush toys They come in the form of foods like fries, ice cream, and hamburgers. They are made with quilted cotton fabric and have a resistant coating.

Due to their soft and cozy characteristics, these toys can resist bites, pulls from your pet and these will remain the same for their reinforced seams to greater durability.

2. Package 12 string toys for dogs

This set of dog toys brings with it nine bundles with strings and three stuffed animals to chew on. Made in high quality material like cotton that can be washable for a better cleaning.

Toys contribute to dental health of your dogsThey are plastic free. With them, your pets will be kept busy without damaging your walls or furniture.

3. Toy interactive puzzle

This soft dog toy stimulates mind play since it is designed with holes that will serve as a hiding place to hide toys, which must be found by dogs.

Available in four sizes, this toy set with squirrel figures keep your dogs busy by eliminating boredom.

4. Plush toys for small pets

Made with premium quality and high bite resistance sewing, this set is made up of 12 beautiful soft toys of different figures such as ice cream, waffles, donuts, among others.

In beautiful colors, these toys will capture your dog’s attention, making it more happy and entertaining with the twelve figures.

5. Interactive toys for puppies

This pack of 5 toys made of plush material They make a sound when squeezed or bitten by dogs. It does not have toxic materials.

The toys encourage your pet to the fun of catching or chasing the toys and thus stimulates them while release anxiety and strengthen ties with the family.